CD/DVD Drive is not seen in any OS (but can run livecd's)

December 24, 2011 at 20:00:11
Specs: Windows 7, Dual Core
Hi to all,

My laptop's CD/DVD drive does not work properly. It shows up in the BIOS (Optiarc DVD±RW AD-7530B).

The problem has only been since I formatted the computer. Before this everything was fine.

Before I had noticed, I had formatted, installed Winxp and Win7 to dualboot, installed a load of software, including Deep Freeze (was this the problem somehow?), spent ages getting drivers, then I realised I had no CD/DVD drive.

I formatted the computer again and now have no OS (yikes!).

The drive seems to 'physically' work, and can begin to boot and begin installing Windows XP, Windows 7 or Linux, but gets to a stage and stops (Winxp bluescreen, Windows 7 asks for drivers, Linux some black screen (no gui). I've been using LiveCDs to browse the net etc. I'm using the other laptop right now though.

Do I need a new drive? Can this be fixed? I'm pulling my hair out and I have very little right now :)

Regards and merry xmas :)


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December 24, 2011 at 21:58:10
I have installed different versions of windows 7 and it never asked for any drivers during installation.
Try to reinstall the drive and clean the lens.

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December 25, 2011 at 02:58:06
Ok I will try. You mean install physically or drivers? The drive should work automatically in the OS' right? The fact it works and can boot a livecd is baffling.

It loads livecds but no cd/dvd drive once you're in, and when installing OS' it must reach a stage when it needs to install a cd/dvd drive, atapi/ide (I dunno) or whatever, and then fails.

I'll look into it still. Any more solutions ideas?

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December 27, 2011 at 21:39:40
The problem 'resolved' itself.

I plugged in my old external CDRW drive, which seemed to have jigged the computer into gear with whatever was wrong internally.

Thanks for the help,


(ps I realise Windows 7 is one of the easiest regarding a fresh install, requiring no help for my existing hardware and was able to install all the drivers needed to run the PC. The issue seemed to be more about the glitch it had).

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