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April 25, 2010 at 04:39:28
Specs: Windows XP
Laptop bios won't recognize uj-850 but it works fine in windows xp.I had a uj-810b originally installed and the bios can see this one but it does not work-I can live with the bios not seeing the cd/dvd but if I want to install a operating sys. it will not go to cd 1st. beacause the bios doesn't see it. Does anyone know of a fix panasonic is not any help and bios upgrades do not address cd/dvd? Is it possible the cd/dvd is set to secondary instead of master-THANKS FOR ALL HELP

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April 26, 2010 at 03:04:16
I need to add this-the modle# on the drive is a uj-850 but device manager reads uj-841s is this normal?

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April 26, 2010 at 08:34:17
"Product: Panasonic Toughbook cf-50"

Toughbook support:

Apparently that's not the specific model number.
There are 7 letters/numbers after CF-50 - the specific model is probably on the label on the underside of the laptop.

When I search on the web using: uj-850b Toughbook CF-50
I get very few "hits".

When I search using: uj-850 Toughbook CF-50
I get LOTS of "hits".

Did the uj-850b originally come with the laptop or is that just what you previously had installed ?

How long have you had this laptop? How much has the uj-850b drive been used ?

Optical drives do not last forever. If the uj-850b was the original drive as was malfunctioning, Windows may no longer be able to "see" the drive in My Computer and Windows Explorer.

Did the uj-850b work fine in Windows previously ?

If so, you could try removing any Upper or Lower filters lines in the Registry for the drive, or you may need to un-install or re-install certain software, then it may show up in My Computer and Windows Explorer, but if the drive is defective or still malfuctioning, it still may not show up, or it may show up but not for long.


Regarding the uj-850 not showing up in the bios.

- If you have updated or changed the bios version on your Toughbook, or even if you haven't, try loading bios Defaults, Save settings.

- if that doesn't help, is this a new uj-850 drive, or a used one?

Modern bioses usually show an IDE drive is detected in the bios, when it's by itself on a data connection, whether it's set to master or slave. In much older bioses, the drive may not show up in the bios if it's by itself on adrive connection and set to slave, but in that case it doesn't show up in Windows either.

Apparently the uj-850 and other similar Panasonic (Mats---a) laptop IDE (ATA) optical do not have jumpers. Whether the drive is seen as master or slave depends on which firmware version it was flashed with.

Booting: Slave

The big problem is:

The drives are flashed differently, so a drive which was installed by toshiba is flashed as master for the second channel, but a replacement drive is flashed to be slave in the second channel.

Toshiba (needs set firmware to Master)

There are lots of "hits" for firmware for uj-850 on the web, but l found no mention of it setting the drive to master or slave at any of the ones I looked at.

The uj-850 and similar Panasonic (Mats---a) drives are used in other laptop brands as well .

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