CD Drive Ejects randomly

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August 27, 2009 at 15:57:05
Specs: Windows 98, Turion X2
I have a dual boot Win 98/2000 Setup and my CDROM Drive ejects randomly in both OSes. When I close the drive it will either stay closed or it will start a vicious cycle of me closing it and it opening itself again. I do not think I have a virus as both OSes are relatively fresh installs and the problem has been happening from day one of installing the OSes. I have already tried reinstalling drivers as well as updating drives firmware. Any help at all would be much appreciated!

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August 28, 2009 at 06:27:51
I've used this method a couple of times with success but no guarantee. It sounds like the sensor that detects the CD tray position is out of adjustment, possibly Caused by a Jammed CD or forcing the tray in either diredtion.

Give this a try. With the Computer shut down and Power off. Unplug the Computer, turn off the surge suppressor or turn off the switch on the Power Supply (Back of the Computer Case), use a stiff Paper Clip to Open the CD Tray (there is a small hole in the CD Drive Face Plate for this). Once the tray opens, gently pull the tray out as far as it will go. DON"T FORCE IT.

Next, gently push the tray all the way back in till it latches in the closed position. Restart the Computer and see if the problem continues.

If you still have the same problem you may have to replace the CD Drive. Sometimes this can be fixed by disassembling the drive. Probably better to replace it.

Before you go out and buy a new Drive, see if you can borrow another CD drive to see if it exhibits the same problem. If the borrowed drive works OK a new Drive should solve your problem.

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