Can't Get A Video Signal on Custom built computer

March 18, 2012 at 22:05:36
Specs: None yet, 428 Socket Intel 3.4mhz Extreme
Help! Built system but no video output. I am not a novice and have built a few systems but I am stumped. New case, 850w PSU, 428 processor, AGP video card. I am utilizing parts from many that I accumulated over the tears trying to put a desktop together for my grandkids. The Mboard is brand new, the 3.4mhz Extreme processor, the 850w power supply, 2 of 4 memory chips and the AGP video card came from a computer that was working but I had bios issues with. The hard drive is new. It goes through the post process but I get and have never got a trace of a video signal. I tried another monitor, video cable, removing the AGP video card and using a PCI video card but nothing. I have hooked up a post analyzer and it should no errors. I tested the power supply and everything is perfect. I have tried different combinations of memory chips from having 1 installed to 4 installed and swapping them with known good chips. I have cleaned contacts and closely inspected all cables, plugs and sockets. The computer starts, power and HD lights come on, the keyboard lights flash, the CD drive light cycles, the floppy light cycles and it shows on an analyzer POST has finished successfully (code 99) very quickly. The power supply has a light in a side window which is lit as well as an indicator led on the MB. I have even reset the bios on the MB with the jumper each time I changed the configuration. Nothing. The light on the monitor is green as you turn the monitor on but then goes to standby (Yellow). When the computer is booted it never comes out of standby, showing a video signal and as I said, I tried a different monitor also. Anybody have an Idea? Am I missing something here like drivers for the video? If so how do I load them when I can't even get into a bios screen to change boot up devices? I AM STUMPED !! Help!

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March 19, 2012 at 05:19:29
A long paragraph with very little hard info. No mention of any make/models of the board, power supply, RAM, etc. It's difficult to help without knowing what you're working with. You should have benchtested the hardware before installing it in the case. Tear it apart & start from scratch.

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March 19, 2012 at 05:28:06
Not sure why you would want to (or where) purchase a 'new' '428' motherboard or spend for a new hard drive for it, but are you sure it is a new board? Are you sure the board is good? Are you sure the power supply is good? Both power connectors are plugged into the motherboard (20pin+4pin)? Is there a motherboard speaker or do you have one plugged in? Do you get any beeps? What about with the hard drive unplugged? What about with no memory installed? If you do not get any beep tone with no hard drive and no memory, and no video plugged in, then it is the motherboard, the CPU, or the power supply. there is nothing else! Check the CPU for a bent or missing pin. Try another power supply. Get a refund on the motherboard.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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March 19, 2012 at 05:55:31
If the board has an AGP slot I am pretty sure it must be used.

Are you sure you have an AGP card in there? Look at the link below to see what the different slots look like.

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