Solved cant get 5:1 sound to work hp pavilion win 8 beats audio idt

August 6, 2013 at 08:26:59
Specs: Windows 8
WOW What a cool site, and free with no hassle sign up, Glorious! Using above desktop PC WIN 8 beats audio, IDT audio codec, Using a YAMAHA V373 RECIEVER, I have been all thru speaker IDT configure, I can get a 6 speaker 5:1 set up display but when I hit test it only tests 2 speakers in stereo It is set to 5:1 and shows it but again only stereo sound is tested, Beats audio is set for 5:1 but if I shut down PC beats audio goes to stereo and I have to manually reset it to 5:1 again, Also beats audio wont test in 5:1 even though it displays 6 speakers and 5:1 I only hear stereo 2 speakers in test, so I am stumped, I am on other sites regularly so I will refer back and check for any replies, please excuse any delay in responding if this occurs, Thanks for any and all replies

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August 7, 2013 at 08:07:19
Yes, this is a cool site.

I am curious as to why you did not use the System scan tool mentioned on the first screen. That tool would tell us what hardware you are running. Now I need to ask you for that information in order to actually help with the posted issue.

List the full computer model of HP Pavillion.

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August 7, 2013 at 13:04:07
Thank you OtheHill, Thais is very kind of you, I am unfamiliar with the scan tool you mention unless I have used it but under another name IDK, The PC Is a HP P 7 1414 6 Months old, with factory beats audio, I already had to replace the hard drive due to 60+ bad sectors, I don't know how the hell that happened but what else can I tell you?, I wish I could be more thorough but I have had PC's for 10 years and it baffles me how much learning curve is required every other time windows releases a "new' OS, Seems like with win 8 I have to re learn damn near everything, What is wrong with continually user friendly?, With my former win XP I could do anything, then this monstrosity win 8 appears in my life, What else can you run me through? I want to be co operative as possible, The Best Buy Geek squad wants $125.00 to come and do what? I believe I am close but not the proverbial cigar just yet, I went to win sound etc configurations and got it to make sound test through all 6 speakers just once then it went back to stereo only, It doesn't sound THAT bad but I am a lifelong musician/singer and the sound is muddy if you know what I mean, Common term for ,,,well, for a muddy sound, the bass (sub) is either overwhelming, I can hear the cone rattle ,or the bass is underwhelming, Weird, just wierd.I could run the scan tool you mention if you can guide me as to where it's at? Again thank you for replying

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August 7, 2013 at 15:50:35
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The scan tool is HERE at Click on "My Home" in the upper right of this screen. You should see a message at the bottom of that screen about scan your system.

See the link below for some help with your sound. According to the HP site, your IDT audio chip is compatible with Intel HD sound. Sometimes 2 drivers are required. You may only have AC97 sound now.

Have you checked in Device Manager to see if the sound is working?

I am not familiar with your exact sound chip but most HD sound chips have programmable ports. You MUST select the output port to the receiver even if it appears you are already using it try clicking on the port icon.

If your speakers are connected to the receiver then you should select LINE OUT to the receiver and then use the receiver settings to control the speakers. Hope this helps.

If drivers are needed go to the link below to download them.

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