Can't boot in safe mode & my files say empty

November 30, 2011 at 13:05:06
Specs: Windows 7
I got a virus on my laptop that appeared to have wiped out desktop, my start menu and all my files! but if i searched for a specific file/document in the start menu, i'd find it so i knew all my stuff was still there. navigating through the seach, i did 2 virus scans[with superantispyware and avira] and detected and removed 2 Trojan viruses with both avira and superantispyware. but my desktop and start menu still showed none of my icons or folders after i restarted my computer, so i tried starting it in safemode [keep pressing f8 at start up] and it wouldn't go [i tried this at least 12 times] i then tried to boot in safe mode through msconfig but it wouldn't let me check the "Safe boot" box or lat me change anything in the "boot" tab for that matter. so i decided to do a system restore to the previous day. it gave me back most of my icons on my desktop and most of my start menu, but it doesn't show any of my folders on my desktop and it didn't show any folders with any of my stuff anywhere! [music, picture, videos, documents, all folders showed up empty when clicked] my harddrive is split in 2, a Local: C drive for all my normal computer stuff and a Recovery :D drive for all my documents, pictures, movies and other stuff. Lookin at those drives through "Computer" it shows i have 13GB used in my Recovery:D, but when i click it, it shows up empty just like all my other files! So i'm guessing this virus[which i can't detect] is hiding all my stuff. any suggestions on how to get my stuff so i can wipe out everything and start new?

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November 30, 2011 at 14:30:13
Have you tried scanning with TDSSKiller:

I would first however run Rkill:

Using Rkill will stop whatever malicious process is running temporarily. Please however DO NOT reboot your computer once you've run that, as it will cause the malware process to respawn, let me know if this helps you so I can continue to provide you additional support.

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