Canon MX 860 printhead failure error code B 800

Microsoft Windows 7 professional 32-bit
May 28, 2013 at 16:17:39
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, i3/6GB
Hi All,
I have a Canon MX 860 inkjet printer and started getting an error code B 800 last week. I called Canon tech support who recommend removing the ink cartridges as well as the printhead and then reinserting them to see if that would clear the error code. They also had me do a system reset to try to clear the error code but none of these worked. After googling the error code, I read where some people had success by soaking their printheads in alcohol to unclog them. I tried this, soaking the printhead in alcohol overnight but with no success, I'm still getting the B 800 error code. Do you think one of the printhead cleaning kits I sought after googling that error code might do the job? Or, do you think the overnight alcohol soaked should have unclogged any dried up ink?

Per Canon tech support, my other option is to buy a new printhead for $50 but that still may not fix the problem in which case I'll have to have it repaired or buy a new one. Repair shop wants $35 just to open it up and look at it. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

Dan G. in CT

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May 28, 2013 at 22:44:10
All I can say is don't get it repaired as it's not economically viable, as in it doesn't make sense since new printers are so cheap. Even buying a new print head accounts for 70% of the cost of a printer, so buying one of them doesn't make sense either.

Just bin it and buy a new one. Nobody has their printer repaired these days unless it cost $500 or more when it was new.

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May 29, 2013 at 04:21:26
Hi Quadzilla,

I would try further printhead soaking, but every few hours move the head, such that a different 'side' is up, hoping that the cleaning fluid may reach other areas.

Also stir the fluid a little every now and again to encourage its entry into the head.

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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May 29, 2013 at 10:30:33
According to one of the links below you should not submerge the print head. See all links for some help. Seems as though the print head can burn out from overheating. The technology in use on that printer heats the ink to make it work.

BTW, that printer is about $450 new. Still can be found.

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