Canon MP600R error 5010

September 18, 2019 at 05:12:03
Specs: Mac OS X Sierra, 16Gig
Hi chaps/chapesses..

I've have a Canon mp600r - scanner/printer.

It's attached to my Mac systems (ethernet connections over lan).

I think...(happens now and then..) it's about 8yrs old - possibly even 10yrs old.

Been a very reliable beastie - until now.

Was scanning with it and done about 15 or so scans; but not yet saved any of them. Suddenly it froze the Canon utilities/Mac-Navigator screens - and even the Mac itself. I had to crash out/restart my Mac. Of course the scanned mages were lost - not having been saved at the time of the crash out! Looked at the mp600r led screen and saw the dreaded error 5010 message.

This is one I've seen a lot about; and there are assorted reasons given how and why it arises; and how sometimes it can be resolved. All of them require that the print head position itself to the centre of its track/rail way. That "usually" happens when the main scanner platen is raised so as to allow access to the print head and ink pots. Raised the platen but discovered the print head won't travel to the centre. It's stuck far right end of it's travel - and no way will it move. Can't rock or whatever it free.

Google trawls various only brought up one such reference re' printhead not centering - and unfortunately that did not get any responses; other than one that the user might qualify for a Canon upgrade deal - as the printer is "no longer made/supported". That is on the Canon USA forums; but no such offers appear to be available in the UK (or that other place across the North Sea).

Any one have any ideas, thoughts about how to free up the printhead assembly; and even resolve the problem completely?

I am sort of resigned to replacing it - likely with another Canon; although these days even Canon get mixed reviews on build quality and reliability. At some stage it would likely have to be replaced as Mac's latest OS doesn't support it (no drivers from Canon either). But if I could get it going again - well it would be nice...

Equally any thoughts on ,which of the current Canon scanner/printers are reliable; and are Mac compatible?

If I have to buy a new one it means I may have to sell my elderly Duesenberg - or even my pre war Bentley...

Tak as always for thoughts (and any contributions to keeping my Duesenberg/Bentley).

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September 18, 2019 at 07:04:06
Hi trvlr, have you run the printer troubleshooter?

If you have an older linux live CD, it will almost certainly pick up the drivers.

Did you read this one?

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September 18, 2019 at 09:21:24
Hi John: thanks for reply.

Problem is that whilst I could print/scan OK until the 5010 error... the printer is neither accessible, nor even seen etc. by a computer (a Mac in this case) - as when powered up it's stuck on the error message displayed on the led control panel/screen. Thus it can't be detected or used in any mode - print or scan.

The printhead is supposed to centre itself when the platen is raised (when powered up) but the on my mp600r is stuck at far right.

I suspect this will be one of those irrepairable events; but I will have a go at disassembling the beastie to see if I can unjam the had and resolve the error code too.

But first I have to locate a decent maintenance manual and/or a youtube video showing how to get into the innards of the beast...

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September 22, 2019 at 12:51:16
An update - and sadly no joy...

That error code has 22 reasons behind it; and although related to the print head is the most common - being all about head cleaning process... - it has other problems behind it too.

One of the other reasons for the error message is that the scanner cannot detect the location of the print head! Just why that matters when scanning - not copying and printing???.

I downloaded as reasonably complete service manual for it and managed to get the casings off. Canon (and other printers) today are pretty flimsy build quality. The mp600r is considered to reasonably solidly built by today's standards. Definitions of reasonably solid leaves much to be desired... It was very plasticky and one felt some parts/panels might crack etc. if torqued too much during removal/refitting.

I did manage to free the head (You have to rotate a cog wheel deep inside on the right...) Then the print head can be manually centred. That at least allowed to remove the ink pots. Unfortunately a flimsy ribbon cable detached from somewhere within the innards and no way to discover just where; even the service manual is vague (actually no mention at all...) about where it actually goes. Add to that that it's shell dropped off and went deeper inside too - time to pack it in. Striping down the whole thing any further would have been a nightmare; and no guarantee of successful recovery/repair at the end of the time/effort expended.

The mp600r is about 10yrs olde - possibly a little older; has been well used and I guess I've had my money's worth out of it. But a PIA nonetheless that it hath died the death.

Now hunting/researching a comparable replacement. I want ethernet connection along with whatever else (usb of course) and more and more ethernet is being dropped.Also Canon at least are moving to airprint (retaining usb) some models - in place favour of wifi/ethernet. Means they no-longer have to provide drivers as each OS (windows/Mac) evolves...

Mojave and it's successor are now airprint (and probably usb) only for many Canon printers; no more wifi etc...

I have a set or more of new as in sealed and unused ink cartridges for a series of quite vintage Canon inkjets; Anyone wish to start the bidding process?

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