canon bjc not printing after being connected with new cable

April 18, 2012 at 12:08:43
Specs: Windows XP, i3-2100CPU@3.10GHz/3,91GB of RAM
canon bjc-240 not printing
Hi, I recently had a burglary where my computer was stolen. The printer was not taken. It was previously connected via a parallel cable to LPT1. My new computer does not have LPT ports, only USB connections. So I connected my printer using a USB cable adapted to connect to a parallel cable. The port used to connect my printer is "USB001 virtual printer port". However, the printer no longer prints from Notepad, Word Document or even a test page. I know the printer is recognized because when I use Maintenance such as Nozzle Check it is carried out. My operating system is Windows XP 64bits. I wonder if anyone can help? I would be very grateful.

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April 18, 2012 at 12:13:31
I think a new printer most likely cost the same as your USB COM adapter. There also was not too much support for the X64 version of XP.

Do you have to use this printer? Because now would be a good time for an upgrade.

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April 21, 2012 at 04:21:34
I wish to keep the printer not only for sentimental reasons, but because the printer has been used rarely since being bought new. I made occasional use of it. It would be different if the printer were second hand or good use had been made of it. No it is not true that a "new printer most likely cost the same as your USB COM adapter". Please give me a suggestion other than replacement.

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April 21, 2012 at 17:39:16
So I think you have Windows 7 64Bit, unless you wiped your new computer and installed the most rare windows OS, XP 64Bit.

Anyway You should be able to pick up a new printer for around $50 Cheaper if you can find a good sale.

I would replace that printer, and I think the majority of people here would agree.

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April 21, 2012 at 22:03:15
I'm very familiar with the BJ-2xx and the BJC-2xx series. They're extremely reliable, and at least the black ink for them is easily available. Bulk ink for them is cheap, the black cartridges are easy to fill, and I've filled them as many as a dozen times before the cartridge failed.
The same applies for the BJC-4xxx series.
I still use my BJC-4400 occasionally, that I bought near the end of 1999, with black ink.
I've bought maybe 5 black cartridges for it, they've been refilled a total of about 40 times.

"So I connected my printer using a USB cable adapted to connect to a parallel cable."

It must be a USB to parallel port adapter meant for use with printers and have circuitry between the ends.

If that isn't what you have,
- if this is s desktop computer, the BJC-240 will work fine, if you have a spare PCI slot, if you use it with a PCI parallel port card, which are still available on the web if not locally, and may be cheaper than a USB to parallel port adapter. However, don't install it in the last PCI slot on the end closest to the center of the mboard - that slot usually shares it's IRQ with the video and you're likely to have problems with any card except a video card when it's in that slot.

- if this is a laptop or netbook computer, you can probably buy an ExpressCard parallel port adapter on the web, if it has an ExpressCard slot.

If that IS what you have, or in any case....

Printers that were originally designed to be parallel port connected, only, ARE NOT Plug-n-Play detectable by Windows.
However, Windows 7 64 bit probably has the drivers for the BJC-240 built into it - you must manually load them.
Control Panel - display as Large icons or Small icons - Printers
RIGHT click on a blank part of the Printers window, choose Add Printer.
- Local Printer if it's connected to the same computer

- USB001 (Virtual Printer Port USB) if you're using the USB to parallel port adapter with circuitry between the ends

- Canon - Bubble-Jet BJC-240

- If it's your only printer, select Set as default printer, etc.

If it isn't your only physical printer, and another physical printer choice is the default printer (has a large green check mark on it) you need to select which printer to print with when you want to print with the Canon BJC-240 and select that model, before you print .

NOTE that you don't always get the pop up window before you print for choosing a printer when you select print in some programs - they use the Default printer.

Note that I have Microsoft XPS Document Writer listed as a printer in Printers - it's a virtual printer. If you have that too, or if there's another virtual priinter listed, if the BJC-240 is your only physical printer, the BJC-240 MUST be the Default printer. If it does not have the large green check mark on it, RIGHT click on the BJC-240's icon and choose Set as default.

If that doesn't help, what is the make and model of this USB to parallel port adapter meant for use with printers that has circuitry between the ends ?

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