Canon 5.25 floppy model 5501 does not work

December 6, 2010 at 06:51:52
Specs: DOS 6.22, 300 Mhz/252 Kb
I have Canon 5.25" floppy drive model 5501 and when I put it into Dell Optiplex G1 machine it is recognized in the BIOS and spins but DOS 6.22 cannot read anything on the disks from 1991-1994 issued by PC Today magazine for subscribers.
Does anybody have a manual for this drive? I have found on internet how to set the jumpers but it does not help.The message shows: "drive not ready".
I tried to add lines in config.sys with DRIVER.SYS and DRIVEPARM but it didn't help.
Maybe there is an updated driver for floppies 5.25 to be used in DOS environment? Same as I have read somebody has found updated driver for Windows 98 and it worked.
I know that old Optiplex machines are recommended for DOS and I try to build vintage computer with one 5.25" floppy and one 3.5" floppy only, no CDRom at all.

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December 6, 2010 at 09:54:25
Its got to be the drivers, make sure there updated. If the problem percists than contact the manifacturer

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December 6, 2010 at 11:24:58
Been the bios ..setup... does it give the option for 5.25 floppy.

Those floppy disk are pretty old....maybe bad. does it read other disk?

I wonder if pc has those disk archived?

A post of what the floppys are (utilities and month) may help other people do a search as well.

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December 6, 2010 at 15:15:24
It's not about drivers.

It's a 1.2 meg drive. Is that how it's ID'd in cmos/bios setup?

Does the drive cable have the 7-wire twist in it or is it one of the old ones? If it's one with a twist, which connector is the drive attached to? Do you want it to be your a: or b: drive?

What DS is it set at? Do the DS options start at D0 or D1?

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December 7, 2010 at 14:28:41
I tried many setting of D jumper, for example : 1.when I set only 5.25" to work without connecting 3.5" floppy to the cable I set the jumper to D0 (one and only disk installed) and also in BIOS I set as drive B not installed and drive A as 1.2 Mb 5.25";
2. I put both floppies on the cable and set 5.25" as B and 3.5" as A , also in BIOS the same, than the jumper on 5.25" must be set to D1 because if I tried to set it to D0 or other D2 or D3 there is information in POST: "cannot recognize the disk" or something like this. In this case 3.5" floppy reads and writes so it means the cable at least should be OK.
3. I put both floppies on the cable and tried to set 5.25" as A and 3.5" as B, in this case I set jumper on 5.25 as D0. But in this scenario floppy 3.5" does not work at all probably because it is soldered to be always drive A and you need some tricks to bypass this.
However in all scenarios above disk 5.25 behaves same: spins, reads for about 20 seconds and shows info in DOS : disk not ready Abort Retry Fail? (quite annoying isn't it?)

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December 7, 2010 at 14:41:33
As regards the cable it is of switched type: two connectors in the middle (one for 3.5" floppy and one for 5.25" floppy) and two connectors at the end (again the same). After few experiments I recognized that connectors in the middle are A always and the connectors at the end are B always.
As regards the disks I have 80 x 5.25" disks in original packaging from PCToday (UK) and What Personal Computer (UK) magazines with dates 1991-1994, quite good selection not only games but office stuff, disk tools and others.There is no information on packaging what format they are but I tried in config.sys with DRIVEPARM from F0 to F9 although it migh look like a madness because F9 would be crazy for this type of disk.
I tried also few original IBM AT disks from 1986 and the drive behave exactly the same.
But there is no warranty the disk is OK because I have bought it on eBay and the owner had no more computer to test it but he said it worked 15 years ago. I cleaned head and I must tell the head was in fantastic condition, no rust or dirt.
Optiplex G1 computer has only to holes in the front: one for 3.5" floppy (cut hole on the cover) and one hole for CDrom or 5.25" floppy. I removed CDrom and try with this 5.25" floppy to have real vintage computer.

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December 7, 2010 at 18:19:44
With a twisted cable you have:

motherboard>>B: drive connector>>twist>>A: drive connector

Unless the drives are jumpered incorrectly. The twist allows both drives to be set at the second DS but recognized separately. If you set both drives at the first DS then I think the drive letters are reversed. Most newer 3.5 drives are either hardwired to the second DS or their jumpers aren't accessible.

You only want the drives to have different DS settings if you are using a cable without the twist

Your cable has a total of four connectors but I guess you realize it can only accomodate 2 drives--one before the twist and one after.

Ignore the third and fourth DS settings on the 5.25. I think they're remnants of some ancient way drives were ID'd.

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