Cannot boot directly

January 17, 2010 at 20:37:01
Specs: Windows 7
Recently I did a bunch of changes on my 2-
year old PC that has a Intel
Quad-core Q6600, Intel DG33FB motherboard,
4GB RAM, etc. Changes
included: Repartition the SATA HDD so that I
could change it's
partitioning scheme from GPT to MBR, re-
install Windows 7, install
Ubuntu, etc.

Now I have a system that refuses to boot
"directly" to the device I select
in the BIOS options, be it the HDD, or the CD
drive. I *have* to go the
BIOS Boot Option menu (by selecting F10 on
the BIOS splash screen)
and then select the device I want to boot into.
How can I fix this?

Some other strange observations:
1. If I let the system boot without pressing
F10, it goes on just past the
BIOS splash screen till the screen where there
is only a blinking cursor
on the top-left corner and a hex number (I think
it is F8 or something) on
the bottom right. Then it freezes there.
2. The BIOS Boot Option menu has 16
instances of "Windows Boot
Manager", followed by the HDD and the CD
Drive. The options don't go
away even if I boot by removing the HDD.
Selecting any one instance of
WBM brings back the Boot Option menu with
one instance of WBM
removed ... and so on till all WBM options are
3. I cannot install Ubuntu on the system. The
system reboots
instantaneously when I start the installation.
4. I have tried re-installing the BIOS update,
resetting the CMOS (by
removing the battery for >10 mins, setting the
jumper to the Reset
position). Nothing has helped.
5. If I set the SATA Type to AHCI (rather than
IDE), the BIOS splash
screen itself does not come up!

Can someone please advise anything else I
can try? Thanks a lot in

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January 18, 2010 at 13:29:25

Run live cd like ubuntu or opensuse or fedora and find what and where grub is if you are using it.

Reboot on install might be you need to add in drivers for ubuntu.

Find out what partitions have been marked active (bootable)

Use W7 DVD and use it'd bcd to boot all and might have to chain load or use lilo or such for linux.

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January 18, 2010 at 18:45:24
Thanks for the ideas.

* I don't have Ubuntu on the system at all - I installed only W7 after re-
* I have a 100MB NTFS partition that is marked System, Active and
Primary. Then there is a 244GB NTFS partition that is marked Boot,
Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition. Then there is a 54GB
block that is Unallocated (I have left this for Ubuntu). I compared this
with another (working) PC's partition scheme and found it is OK.
* I did an in-place upgrade of W7 - didn't help either.

Basically I think my EFI Boot is broken. Any ideas on how to re-build
/ fix this? Thanks!

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