Can I transfer my old saved registry?

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May 11, 2010 at 12:24:40
Specs: Windows 2000
I ran into a BSOD 0x009A ( 0x9A) System_License_Violation after my computer had several other Data Dumps which I think were caused by a bad driver. I have a completely legal copy of Win2K. The system would not boot at all and was frozen at this BSOD (Bug Check, Data Dump, whatever). I have to keep Win2K on this comp because of older but very useful hardware/software that is not supported by another OS. Yes, I tried Repair Console and other tedious options. I then took the hard drive out of the computer, loaded it in another as a slave and made a complete copy of the C: drive to an external drive. Then I put it back in the original comp and reloaded Win2K. Long story short after extensive searching I finally got frustrated at the lack of help or the assumption that it was an illegal copy of Win2K, that I reinstalled the OS and with a new Profile name. I did not reformat the drive, I left the rest of the C: drive intact including all Program Files and Documents and Settings (which contains all Profile info/registry/files for the old Profile login). It starts up very nicely now but all old software will not function of course because of the new clean registry. I downloaded or loaded all hardware drivers and software I could and updated the OS with all Service Packs and hotfixes. There are years of acquired older programs that I could'nt find or whose company's are no longer with us. So please don't tell me to just reload all the old programs and not mess w the registry because it's not an option for the most part. The C: copy has all the old registry files in C: (copy)/WINNT/SYSTEM32/config/SAM, Security, Software, Harware, SYSTEM. and all event, log, save files et cetera right where they should be. I want to do 2 things.
1. Copy the old registry to the new install of Windows (after saving this one of course).
2. Make it possible to login with the old Profile (which is still preserved in Documents and Settings on the current C: drive.
Q. Can I just put the old registry in place of the new one by copying and pasting the whole folder "config" (after renaming it confik or something) into the new SYSTEM32 folder, also renaming the newer install config folder and then then again renaming the old back to "config"? Sounds easy but will it work?
Q. Do I or should I instead use REGEDIT to load the old Hives (if that's possible) and save them into the present registry?
Q. The old Profile is still on the C drive (it's the default name Administrator). Can I then just login as the old Profile and I'm back in business? Or how do I insert the old Profile into the new install of Win2K?
I'm thinking I could use: Control Panel>Users and Passwords>Advanced>Users>Action>New User and then setting up a new (the old) user Profile??
Since the old user Profile is the default Administrator I could possibly just use the Control Panel>Users and Passwords>Users, then check the box "Users must use a User Name and Password to access this computer", highlight "Administrator" and set the old/correct password.
So sorry for the long post but this is a tricky and convoluted task here. I'm looking for input from someone who is well informed about the Win2K registry enough to give an experienced pointer or two as to whether this is a good approach with the need of a tweak maybe or is it courting disaster?

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May 11, 2010 at 13:17:29
You should be asking in the Win2000 forum. My suggestion is to completely wipe the drive & start from scratch with a clean install.

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