Can I run two graphics cards in my pc

January 19, 2011 at 06:39:11
Specs: Windows Vista
So, i have just built a new pc and am currently running an nvidia quadro fx 1800 card in there. Unfortunately the card was faulty and i have to wait a week or two for a replacement and i am considering getting another graphics card just to use in the mean time... as i need to use my pc

A GTX 460 was suggested to me..

Is it possible to run both graphics cards and use only one display?? I have read a few conflicting stories in regards to crossfire and sli etc and am pretty much in a spin about it.. do i need to purchase the same card ie another quadro etc or can i use any?

PC specs are

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
CPU: Intel i7 @ 4.2GHz
Ram: 12GB @ 1200MHz
Mem: 2TB
PSU: Corsair TX850W
Heatsink: Corsair H70 *there are also three 12mm antec fans in the case as well
OS: win 7 ultimate

Your help would be greatly appreciated

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January 19, 2011 at 11:57:19
To run sli or crossfire u need 2 similar v-cards eg hd 5850 & 5830. Two gtx 460 outpeform the world fastest single gpu v-card(hd 5970 followed by 580gtx). Only LUCID HYDRA can run two different v-cards eg. hd 5850 & gtx 460.

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January 19, 2011 at 13:16:29
And power supply is required too to match cards.

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January 19, 2011 at 15:40:14
Your board supports both SLi & Crossfire. When running a single card, it's very important that the card is installed in the correct PCIe X16 slot. I'm curious why you had a pro workstation card? And why you would temporarily replace it with a gaming card?

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January 19, 2011 at 20:12:08
i use my pc for 3d modeling, animation and rendering associated with architecture and bits of engineering hence i have a worksation card.

the need to use my pc whilst im waiting for a replacement workstation card has caused me to entertain the idea of two cards.

the only reason i suggested a gaming card is they are much cheaper than a worksation card even tho i have limited use for gaming card..

I am aware that my motherboard supports SLI as im using nvidia card/s however i am interested to know if anyone has indeed used a workstation and gaming card at the same time..

even for that matter used two Quadro FX 1800 cards at the same time under SLI..

i have heard so many conflicting stories.. even nvidia themselves have told me two different stories.... firstly if i had an identical fx 1800 card it would work, then the second guy told me dont even bother as the fx 1800 does not support SLI..

it has left me in a head spin... but just wanted to find out if anyone has done similar before i go and purchase a second card.

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September 5, 2011 at 08:09:12
You can't SLI the FX 1800 I am kind of in the same boat but my dilemma is that I use Mercury Playback, Adobe AE but my quadro tho it does astounding things in Maya 2012, it isn't supported for Open GL in Photoshop and can't help AE to save it's life. I have an extra 3 GTX 470s laying around and I thought Oh wait...if I can put one of these alongside my quadro and make the GTX do the AE and Mercury acceleration then I'd be set but I can't figure it out either. Basically put, if your card has the SLI tabs on it, and your motherboard can do it, you can SLI them but from what I have seen, it is only the Quadro 4000 and up FERMI models that can do SLI. The biggest isue people have tight now is that the TX 460 BLOWS D**K in Maya, Autocad, 3DS and Inventor. The viewport is darn near un usable.

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September 5, 2011 at 09:24:59

In addition to being limited to which NVidia video chipsets can be used together in SLI mode, according to which main chipset the mboard has, the capabilities of the main chipsets varies.

To use two video chipsets in SLI mode, both video chipsets must support SLI mode, and the main chipset must be either a Nvidia main chipset or be one of certain Intel main chipsets. You can't run any video chipsets in SLI mode on an AMD main chipset mboard, and you can't run any video chipsets in CrossfireX mode on a NVidia main chipset mboard.
You may or may not need to connect the SLI cable between SLI capable cards for their video chipsets to be running in SLI mode, depending on which main chipset the mboard has, and if the main chipset doesn't require the cable to be connected, SLI mode may NOT work properly when you connect that cable.

cbF has/had a mboard with an Intel X58 main chipset.
It can support two (or more ?) of certain specific video chipsets in CrossfireX mode (most if not all are ATI video chipsets) or two (or more ?) of certain specific video chipsets in SLI mode (most if not all are NVidia video chipsets).

Some Intel main chipsets that have onboard video, e.g. Z68, support
LucidLogix® Virtu (Universal Switchable Graphics) - Auto Switching between Integrated Graphics and NVIDIA/AMD Cards
E.g. A review about LucidLogix® Virtu


I don't know which NVidia video chipsets can be used together in SLI mode, but here's a chart that shows which ATI video chipsets can be used together in CrossfireX mode:

CrossfireX Compatibility chart (latest) on this page:

Click on it for a larger image.

Some of the Intel main chipsets support CrossfireX mode - some of the mboards that use those are shown here:
AMD CrossFireX™ Certified Motherboards

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