Solved can i expand partition into unallocated space in front of it

July 5, 2017 at 10:18:46
Specs: Windows XP
hdd has 20gb unallocated space followed by c partition, can i add those 20gb to the c drive by expanding it?

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July 5, 2017 at 16:03:39
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"Usually..." the expansion is into free space after the c: drive/partition. And in win-XP it was a little fraught when using early versions of the then popular Partition Magic. In fact there were many who wished they hadn't tried to using an early version of PM to do what you wish. Fair to say that PM "did" resolve the issues.

The general advice has usually been first to safeguard "all" your personal files - off the drive entirely. Copy them to either to an external hard drive (they're generally cheap enuff these days for many pholks to consider) or a stack of DVDs... Ideally anything seriously irreplaceable - photos come to mind - make DVD copies regardless (two sets); even if you have an external hard drive copy as well.

Even consider making an image of the installation as is; Acronis and Easus have excellent utilities to this end. Then decide whether or not to try a partition expansion - various ways; or simply reconfigure/repartition the drive afresh and restore the image to the now larger c: drive/partition.

Easus make a partition utility; not sure if the current version is XP friendly or not; but no doubt an earlier XP friendly version is probably about. PM - I'm not sure if it's still around?

And there are other similar utilities too. This link discusses how to use one of them; and details various approaches - depending on the version of windows involved. In this article XP gets little mention; but their utility likely will work. Post XP one could do resizing (after taken above precautions first...) using the built-in Disk manager; but not with XP.

Have a read of this info and see if it's any help?

Gparted is another well regard utility and it has long and respected history; possibly consider it first?:

Again I strongly advise you make a complete copy (off the system entirely) of "all" your personal files - before tweaking partitions. And if possible also make an image of the system as is.

Others here may have more input and experience with partition tweaking than I have; and may suggest alternatives.... Hang about for more input?

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