Built-in webcam in ASUS K52F disappeared

December 25, 2011 at 08:33:13
Specs: Windows 7
Running Windows7 on an Asus K52F laptop with a built-in webcam which worked fine until about a week ago. Suddenly Skype told me that there is no webcam.
I have searched the web far and wide for a solution but the only advice I found was to check the device manager for a yellow warning sign in imaging devices and then reinstall the driver.

I looked up the device manager and there is only one Imaging device registered which is my USB scanner.
If I unplug it there is no other imaging device, thus my web cam does not exist anymore for the device manager and there is no ordinary way to reinstall a driver for a device that is not recognized.
I contacted ASUS support and they sent me a reply that looks like a standard reply with no reference to the particular problem. They advise to reinstall the entire Windows7 from scratch.
This looks like an easy way for them because they don't have have to even think about the problem but complete nonsense for the user who would lose all installed softare including its
settings and it would take days to set up everything again. It's like throwing a bomb on your house because you can't open your door lock anymore. The collateral damage would be bigger than the problem. Why not just change the lock?
Indeed before doing this I would rather buy an external webcam.

First thing I did was a system restore to a previous status but it did not help.

Now looking more into my laptop I found that not all has disappeared.

In the system info I found that there is a device registered with the ID
USB\VID_046D&PID_C05F\6&1790F111&0&3 and its controller is at
(6.1.7601.17514, 29,50 KB (30.208 bytes), 23/06/2011 10:58)

I further found out that this is a Logitech device:
usb\vid_046d&pid_c05f - Logitech Inc USB Input Device
Hardware id: usb\vid_046d&pid_c05f
Vendor id: vid_046d
Vendor name: Logitech Inc
Device id: pid_c05f
Device name: USB Input Device
GUID: Human Interface Devices
GUID name: {745A17A0-74D3-11D0-B6FE-00A0C90F57DA}
Compatible id: usb\class_03

In the chapter "System controllers" I found:

name snp2uvc
description USB2.0 PC Camera (SNP2UVC)
file name c:\windows\system32\drivers\snp2uvc.sys
type Controlador kernel (kernel controller)
started No
mode Manual
status Detenido (Halted)
status Correcto (correct)
Error Control Normal
accepts pause No
accepts halting No

Under my installed software I found:
USB2.0 UVC VGA Webcam by SONIX

By searching the Sonix website for "snp2uvc" I found under Drivers:

SN9C25x_5.8.53000.0_WHQL_WinXP/Vista/Win7 (11712KB)
USB 2.0 compliant video/audio single-chip processor
SN9C255 is a USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) compatible PC Camera controller.
(more info following)

So summing it up, it looks like the webcam controller is "halted" but OTOH it is not meant to accept halting.

But what does this mean? How can I make the controller run again? I did not find anything in the Admin tools of Windows 7 which would allow me to manipulate this controller.
I have also used a driver search tool and downloaded the corresponding drivers but this does not help if the device is not seen by the system.

Does anybody have more insight?

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December 25, 2011 at 09:14:46
So did you find a yellow exclamation mark by the webcam in Device Manager?

Isn't there a control to turn the webcam on and off?

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December 27, 2011 at 05:49:48
"So did you find a yellow exclamation mark by the webcam in Device Manager?
Isn't there a control to turn the webcam on and off? "

As I wrote, the webcam is not present in the device manager, so there is of course nothing that can mark it. There is no yellow mark anywhere (could have been in the USB section for example).

I have not found any control for the web cam either. I found stuff related to the webcam drivers in the system info and, as I wrote, there is a related controller mentioned in the info as "halted" but I have no idea how to change this status. I have looked in the services (which often can be started manually) but it does not appear to be a "service".

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