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Pny Geforce 6200 video card
September 21, 2009 at 06:42:09
Specs: Windows XP, 512mb
I currently have a Geforce 6600GT AGP that
burned out long ago and I'm looking for a
replacement AGP card around $20-40

I don't know much about ATI cards so I'm open
to any suggestions,
I'm currently looking at the Geforce 6200s
though (dunno why but they seem much
easier to find than another 6600GT), perhaps
this one
I have a TigerDirect at my mall so I'd like a
retailer just for the sake of being able to return
the card if it doesn't meet my needs but I'd like
the cheapest price possible so I'll probably end
up going with an online retailer

I'm not so much interested in 3d performance
these days, I'd just like a card capable of
playing high definition video and dualview with
my pc monitor on the highest res possible (I'm
currently using 800x600 since I use cloneview
with my TV.. otherwise I freeze after a while
with dualview)

I'd like something capable of running Windows
7 perhaps. Current specs are P4 2.4ghz w/
XP, 512mb ram(probably not going to help me
run Windows 7?) just looked at power
supply..max 180w jeez prolly why my 6600gt
died, willing to take suggestions for a new one
of these as well I guess, dunno how my
6600gt survived as long as it did

looking into these

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September 21, 2009 at 08:15:01
Your links weren't posted properly.

The 180W PSU is definitely a problem & you are correct that it probably contributed to the early demise of the 6600GT. The 6200 isn't a very good a card & it's a fairly hefty step down from the 6600GT.



You're definitely not gonna run Windows 7 with just 512MB RAM.

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