Brother MFC vs Epson L-series Printer Which is better for me

August 28, 2013 at 12:19:17
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Hello everyone,

I have decided to buy an all in one printer at last. After a lot of googling and reading numerous reviews i finally narrowed down to two brands. First is Brother and second is Epson. I had also sorted out some models out of it but since i am not having more knowledge about printers so i am asking you people. First, let me describe my requirements.

I want an AIO printer (preferably Inkjet as Lasers are way too costly) for purely home use. I want the print quality to be extremely superb. I also need the printer to be almost perfect in photo printing.

So these are my choices-

Brother MFC-J430W
Brother MFC-J625DW
Epson L210
Epson L350
Epson L355

I had arrowed down to these five models and you people can easily guess what are my requirements. Also i want to state that FAX is not a necessary thing for me. I just want my prints to be lifelike and alive (Color or Grayscale).
So which printer out of above stated five models shall i go for?

Also i want to know something regarding Brother printer models i stated above. I know that both of them are not CIS factory fitted so-----

1. If i use a CIS in Brother (with local inks) after an year's warranty then will there be any obvious and visible loss of quality for color prints as well as photo printing?

2.If i use CIS in Brother models and instead of using local inks i use Epson Inks (meant for Epson's CIS models) or any other branded inks in it will there be any loss to print heads or quality of prints?

3. Will these Epson inks still clog Brother printer's print heads like third party inks available in market?

4. Are there any other branded inks available which can be used in CIS for Brother?

So fellow readers, as you can see, i am a total noob to printers. I request you to help me decide which model shall i opt for. Many of professional people at my place are using Brother MFCs along with third party CISs and they recommended me to go for it. But as i am from India and people here are not as much technically aware as that of the people from other countries so i am seeking your help in deciding about this.

Thanks in advance.....

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August 28, 2013 at 13:28:30
I am surprised you haven't included any Canon printers in your shortlist because as of now their photo printers are considered to be superior to any other brand for high quality photo output. I own a mid-priced Canon and the photo output is amazing.

I don't recommend you use CIS or any third-party cheap cartridges. Use only cartridges made by the printer manufacturer to avoid impurities getting in to the printhead and causing severe blockages over time.

Finally, you can't use Brother cartridges on a non-Brother printer, nor can you use Epson cartridges on a non-Epson printer, simply because they won't fit.

In other words, Brother only make cartridges for Brother printers, and Epson only make cartridges for Epson printers.

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August 28, 2013 at 13:53:32
Thanks for helping......
Actually I am not saying about using Epson 'Cartridges' on Brother printer or vice versa. I asked if I use CIS system (ink tank) on Brother printer which is made by third party companies then can I use original Epson ink bottles in it which Epson makes for their ink tank CIS printers like L210, L350 and L355.
Also I want to say that I had previously shortlisted Canon printers but they are way too costly regarding cost per page, those models are Pixma MX 397, Pixma MX 457 ad Pixma 610. Out of these three models only E610 is very affordable in terms of print costs.
So, what do you suggest now out of these three brands' eight models?

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August 29, 2013 at 22:43:54
I can't recommend a particular model since I haven't actually used any of those, but I would definitely choose an Epson over a Brother. For photo output quality, Epson runs a close second to Canon, but Brother is some way behind both of them in that respect.

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