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August 1, 2010 at 13:36:43
Specs: Windows Vista
Trying to boot ophcrack from the cd drive but it just reboots Vista from hard drive even when I press F12 to enter multiboot option and then highlight cd/dvd, or when I prioritise cd/dvd drive from F2's setup options.
Is there and way I can get into the OS command prompt screen without going through Vista?

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August 1, 2010 at 13:55:32
Did you make the CD or DVD yourself ?
If so, you have to make the right way, or it won't be bootable.

The file that makes the disk bootable is not visible in the operating system itself. You often have to use a third party program to install it on the disk. Some burning programs (ones you pay for) have that ability, some don't (most of the ones that are free) and you have to use a second third party program as well.

Try it in another computer. If the other computer won't boot from the disk either, the burned disk was not made bootable.

Vista has nothing to do with whether you can boot from a bootable optical disk. The mboards's bios settings determine that.

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August 1, 2010 at 14:01:28
Thanks! will try another cd burn.
I did notice that the oph files that were downloaded did not include an .exe file could that be another reason?

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August 1, 2010 at 14:15:04
"I did notice that the oph files that were downloaded did not include an .exe file could that be another reason?"


The file that makes the disk bootable is usually an *.img file. You can't see it in Vista, or other operating systems, itself. E.g. all Microsoft OS CDs have an *.img file.

Look where you got the download from. There is often info there, or links to info, about how to make the disk properly so that it's bootable.

I have a free version of Nero that came with a Sony DVD burner drive. On other peoples computers I've worked on, they had a similar free Nero version that came with a LG DVD burner drive. All of those require that you use another third party prgram to extract an *.img file as well as follow a procedure in the burning program.
In some cases, the place you download the CD contents from may have an *.img file that you can download that will work fine.

Caveat -
The only bootable CDs I've made are "slipstreamed" XP CD-Rs that have the SP3 updates integrated into the contents of an original XP CD that did not have SP3 updates.

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