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boot failure, system halted

November 7, 2010 at 20:05:43
Specs: Windows XP
Currently my computer using window ME and I face the boot fialure system halted problem, how can I get into c: to recover all data especially my UBS accounting data? Hope some one can help me, Urgently. TQ.

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November 7, 2010 at 22:04:15
You should never " have all your eggs in one basket". You should have at least two copies of data you don't want to lose, on separate data storage devices.

Tell us about your computer....
- make and model
- how many hard drives does it have ?

What did you last do before you first had this problem ?

If your hard drive is truly dead, there is no way of getting data off of it without you paying a lot of money to a data recovery expert to do that, or without you doing what a data recovery expert would do yourself - if the drive still spins, replace the drive's board with another one that is compatible with it, or transfer the platters inside the drive to a working drive it is compatible with - if you buy an identical working hard drive model, you have the best chance of the parts being interchangeable.


Your "Boot failure, system halted" message doesn't necessarily indicate the hard drive is no good.

Have you recently been fiddling with .....
- connections of the hard or optical (CD or DVD) drive(s) installed in the computer ?
- jumpers on IDE hard or IDE optical (CD or DVD) drives ?
- which drive(s) you have installed ?
- bios settings ?

If you have any
- floppy disk that is not bootable inserted in a floppy drive
- a USB flash drive in a USB port and your computer is new enough that it can boot from a USB connected drive

REMOVE it, then try booting.

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