Blue screen error appearing when loading OS

Asus P6x58d premium motherboard
June 20, 2010 at 10:08:53
Specs: Windows 7
system with Asus mother board not accepting single RAM (1 GB) and recently i bought kingston DDR2 1GB even not taking single. When i put both the RAMs then system boots up but unable to load the OS as tried loading Windows XP pro and stops at 50
% and blue screen error appear "Unable to install Pro_seg4" file...tried other OS..but still not working...not sure what the problem...Help needed..
Hard disk is newly purchased...

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June 20, 2010 at 11:37:01
You bought an extremely expensive board, hopefully you bought the proper hardware to go along with it AND you know what you're doing.

FYI, the P6X58D Premium does NOT use DDR2 memory, it uses DDR3 & supports triple channel. If you're only going to use a single stick, it MUST go in either A1, B1 or C1. If you install 2 sticks, they MUST go in A1 & B1.

You should enter the BIOS & manually configure your memory settings to match the RAM manufacturers specs. The RAM should then be tested with memtest86 or memtest86+ to confirm there are no errors. If the RAM checks out, THEN you can try installing the OS.

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June 24, 2010 at 11:17:31
Hi .Thanks for the reply and I am very sorry ..i have entered a incorrect motherboard model....actual one is Asus PSRD2-VM and its quite old one..

There are only 2 slots and usin once stick doesn't work....can u guide the step by step procedure how to correct it !!!

Thanks for ur help

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June 24, 2010 at 12:16:43
I searched using: Asus PSRD2-VM

Very few "hits"

Asus PSRD2-VM, Rev, 1.01x (x = 6 or G ? )

That has 4 ram slots, max 2gb DDR2 ram per slot, but the Rev. of your mboard may be different.
(that's below the model number - see the pictures).

"I have an ncs tower pc that worked the last time i powered it up but its been boxed up for ... its an NCS tower, the motherboard says asus psrd2- vm. "

Your mboard model is NOT listed on the Kingston or Crucial web sites when I tried to find which ram you can use in the model.

It's probably an OEM only Asus model - made only for brand name system builders, there is no retail PSRD2-VM model, no support for it on the Asus web sites. It may be similar to some retail Asus model, the ram info and modules recognized may be the same, but I have no idea which one.

We need the brand and model of brand name system the mboard is in, in order to be able to find which ram works properly in the mboard for sure, and possibly find info about what you can install in what ram slot. The specific model is probably on a stuck on label on the outside of the computer case.

Other than that, quote the brand(s) and part number(s) on the modules - we may be able to determine what your problem is going by that.

Some ram manufacturer's modules do not strictly adhere to the JEDEC standards that most mboards bioses use to determine ram settings.
In that case, the ram settings in the bios Setup that the bios has automatically chosen may not be correct.
Check the ram settings in your bios - the ram voltage, and the ram timing numbers - those should be the same as for the specs for the modules themselves. Often the ram voltage and timing numbers are printed on the label on the modules.

If the voltage setting or timings settings in the bios are different from the specs for the ram, change them in the bios. The timing numbers must be as close as you can get to the same, or slower timings (higher numbers = slower) - you won't notice the difference the slower settings make.

If you have a mix of different modules
- don't mix ram that different voltages are specified for - the bios will force the ram to use the lowest voltage, if "by spd" or similar is used (default settings) - ram that a higher voltage is specified for is more likely to not work properly in that situation.
- the bios settings must be those for the slowest timing settings of all the modules, or slower (higher numbers = slower).

- if any of the two or more modules require different voltages, you will probably have problems when more than one is installed.


You probably either have a ram problem, at the very least you're experiencing a small amount of ram errors, or a problem with the CD or with the optical drive reading the CD. Windows Setup is very sensitive to both of those things.

You should get NO ERRORS AT ALL when reading files from the CD during Setup. If clicking on Retry or similar does not help...
If you DO / DID get errors, something was not right !
See Response 7 in in this,
starting at


"Errors reading from the CD can be caused by....."

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