Blank screen / no boot with second ram slot in use

December 13, 2011 at 12:01:45
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium
A while ago I got brought a PC that came with a Bio-star MCP6P M2+ mainboard and 2x Rendition 2GB sticks of RAM.

All was fine for a year or so then the computer started to have boot problems. Booting as far as the windows logo then just black screening.

I found an update for the BIOS that was specifically related to an error of this kind, updated it, but to no effect.

As a process of elimination I removed both RAM sticks and got the "no ram" beeps. I added one RAM stick and it booted into windows ok.
When I added the second RAM stick back in the computer just went to a black screen, no windows logo.

With only one RAM stick I can get it to boot into windows about half the time, otherwise I still get the black screen after the windows logo.

I have done all the usual software related troubleshooting, reinstalls etc but with no sucess so im left wondering if this is a hardware issue. I have iliminated the graphics card being at fault as this worked in the PC orriginally and works in another machine. I have used another HD to install to but the problem persists.

I am not particularly technically minded and have exhausted what i know about PC's. Is anyone able to offer any suggestions/soloutions? If any further information is required i will happily provide it, so long as i can find it or be told where to find it.

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December 13, 2011 at 12:37:01
It does sound like a hardware issue.

When systems act up like this, I think of three things: 1. Diagnostics, 2. Diagnostics, 3. Diagnostics. There's no way to tell what's going on w/o making sure all your system settings are correct in BIOS and OS, correct & updated drivers installed, as well as making sure your system is clean of malware etc. If those are all OK, I'd test everything, IF you can:

- HDDs (with Bootable utilities/diagnostics that test HDDs, available at the HDD Mfgrs websites. See list in post #1 here:
- Optical ROMS.
- RAM (test with Windows Memory Diagnostic or Memtest).
- PSU (try another PSU if possible. The accurate way to test a PSU is under load).
- Video.
- Make sure motherboard is correctly mounted in the case.
- Make sure CPU & heat sink are fastened down securely.
- Check motherboard for any bulging capacitors
- Make sure the RAM modules and Add-In cards are fully seated in their slots, and that the slots themselves look clean and undamaged.
- Look for loose or cracked data & power connection cables (I once found a loose power wire in a MOLEX connector on a flaky system).
- Look for loose, dry (ungreased, lack of enough grease) CPU/Heatsink.
- Look for noisy or hard to turn fans which indicate bad bearings.
- Is the system clear of ALL dust & debris?
- Does it stall on black screen or freeze in Safe Mode?

Never ASSUME anything.

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March 3, 2012 at 11:02:04
I also have the very same problem using the same motherborad, but 2 Rendition memories, 2 GB each. Everything described above have been tested. If anyone have any other clue, plase...

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