blank screen from boot (compaq desktop)

July 6, 2010 at 23:41:01
Specs: MS Vista
the computer just won't send anything to the
monitor. this problem (along with many others)
occurred well during warranty and compaq
failed to resolve the issue. the computer went
out of warranty as they were still scratching
their heads and now they refuse to help. never
again compaq - a poor brand they are, but
thats for another forum i guess.

some finer details.. when i play around with
the ram, occasionally i get luck, talking about
a 1 in 50+ chance of getting it to work. in the
past i have installed new ram modules and the
problem seemed to go away however without
fail, returned every couple of months, and it
seemed to happen overnight, i wouldn't have
to touch anything, just decides to stop working
one day. what's more, the ram that was new
seems to be faulty in the system as the
computer beeps when i put it back in.
(although, I don't have any other DDR2
machines to test ram modules on to determine
if they genuinely are faulty)

generally what happens is when i power on the
pc, all fans spin but are rather loud, theres
also a periodic soft clicking noise that comes
from within the case somewhere, i don't think
its an actual computer beep code but, its not
as loud and distinct. this occurs for about 30
seconds, then the computer seems to sound
normal, just still nothing happening with the
monitor. when i had the case opened, i noticed when this occurred the CPU fan nearly came to stop then powered up again, even though the entire system didn't seem to restart.

because of the strange link to the memory
module i think i can rule out the graphics card
right? i've reseated the ram like million times
and tried every single combinations with every
single ram bay. the problem just seems to go
and come as it wishes. i bet if i buy new ram it
will work, but i'm sick of coming back to
search for answers every month when it all
fails again. any ideas?

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July 7, 2010 at 00:37:56
Now the system works normal? use memtest to test ram, stable release memtest86 3.5 or memtest86+ 4.10.
"Soft clicking noise" hdd is famous for making clicking noise. U can try to start the system using necessary components (cpu with hsf, psu, one stick of ram, psu, v-card if u got onboard video don't use v-card). Post the complete system name. Do u have a v-card? If yes mention it.
*keyboard & monitor must be connected*

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July 7, 2010 at 21:22:38
Temporarily disconnect all the drives and remove all unnecessary cards. Then see if it'll consistenly boot to a posting screen. If so then one of the disconnected items is likely at fault.

Check that the cpu fan and heatsink assembly is firmly attached.

Might also be the power supply.

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July 9, 2010 at 23:24:47
thanks for all of your quick responses!

ok, well i started with the basics and simply disconnected all
from the motherboard and reinstalled them. computer clicked a
few times but surprisingly started up - seems to be ok but better
take this opportunity to take my files before the system seizes
up again.

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