Black Screen with Nvidia Geforce 210 DDR 3

September 12, 2014 at 10:30:30
Specs: Windows XP
I have bought myself a new computer. When I installed all the parts and started to run the Computer I got a black screen. I looked on the internet where the problem might be. Somebody said that it might help to first remove the Graphics Card and install all the drivers for the motherboard, but after I have done that it still did not work. I maybe thought the problem might be because of the power supply. So I bought myself a new one and still I have the same problem.

I have:
- NVDIA GeForce 210 1GB DDR 3 (Graphics Card)
- JW-B75M-USB3 (Motherboard)
- Intel Cleron 2.7 GHZ (Processor)
- 600W ATX Power Supply

I just want to know where the Problem might be?

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September 12, 2014 at 11:39:39
Here's your board info:

And your CPU is probably a Celeron G1620:

What speed RAM did you install & what's the configuration? It should be DDR3-1333 but how do you get 6GB with only 2 slots...2GB + 4GB? That most likely means you're running in single channel mode due to the size mis-match. You also didn't state which OS you're attempting to run. If it's 32-bit (XP?), there's not much point of having more than 3GB because it can't make use of it. And providing the wattage of the PSU tells us nothing about the quality. What is the make/model? What about a hard drive - new or used?

OK, now that that's out of the way, please explain exactly how you went about doing the installation. How do you install drivers if the screen is black? When does this black screen occur? Did you manually configure the BIOS settings? If you're using the video card, did you disable the onboard graphics? And just curious - are you hoping to play games with a GeForce 210?

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