Solved Black screen, trying to boot compaq desktop

November 30, 2011 at 07:37:08
Specs: N/A, 512mb
Well, I got ahold of this compaq desktop, and ive had it for awhile. Booted it before and ran it before, but didnt use it much sense i have a laptop thats like wayy better.
But i wanted to use this computer for some random things that i didnt wanna run throught my laptop, and i went to go boot it the other day.

This is my problem, Im pretty sure the HD is empty and formatted from the last time it was turned off. So, i planned on running a win XP on it to get it up and going again.

When i boot, i get the compaq screen, and it shows the ram, cpu, ect ect loading up, then it goes on from that screen and just turns black.

I have a boot disk for Win XP in the CD rom, and i feel it spinning and then it stops, but it seems its not picking it up.
And this Compaq doesnt have a selection in the boot menu to boot from disk, So im sorta stumped on what to do here.
It is detecting the cd-rom drive, and the HD, but just doesnt wanna load up.

Any help would be appreciated.

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November 30, 2011 at 08:53:33
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Enter the BIOS & check the boot order. Make sure the CD drive is listed before the HDD, if it's not, change the order & save your settings. When booting off the CD, you should see a prompt to "press any key to boot from CD...". If you don't press a key in time, the system will bypass the CD drive & move on to the next device in the boot order.

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December 1, 2011 at 05:51:27
Very funny thing. lol
Sorta embarrassing in some ways. lol

But yeah, it turned out, Drive was formatted like i was sure it was.

But i was burning the win XP to a dvd RW instead of using a CD. And ofc this was a CD drive cuz its an old ass computer. lol

So yeah, phew, i figured it out yesterday, then remembered about asking here.

Guess im not very used to old computers anymore

But yeah, if anyone else has the problem of not loading boot disk for win XP, and its just going black after loading motherboard and bios, then make sure they are using a CD for win XP.

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