Solved Black screen at start-up

June 25, 2012 at 05:30:53
Specs: Windows Vista, AMD athlonx2 1gb
I've a Packard Bell PC + MW19e Monitor + Vista Home Premium. I've had it about 2 years and all software is up to date.
Recently when I turned my PC on and turned my Monitor on the PC booted and loaded windows BUT the screen remained black. The tell-tale light on the monitor was green (ie OK). So I turned off the monitor and then turned it back on again and it
displayed the windows welcome screen from which I proceeded to work normally - screen displaying normally.
Now, each time I turn the PC & Monitor on it remains black - but if I wait until windows has loaded and then turn the monitor on it shows correctly.
Prior to this I have not changed any hardware, hardware drivers.
Help please what can I do next

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June 25, 2012 at 08:38:43
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Which Packard Bell model is it ?

You should ALWAYS have video while booting the computer BEFORE Windows is supposed to load in any case.

If you DO NOT always have video while booting the computer BEFORE Windows is supposed to load, you have a hardware problem.

Try the monitor with a different computer.

If you have the same problem with the same monitor with the other computer, the monitor is defective.

E.g. A friend of mine has an older LG LCD monitor. For months he had similar symptoms to what you're having - when he switched the monitor off then on, the video was fine. Then he got no video at all. I found that there was an electrolytic capacitor on a board inside the monitor that had failed. I replaced that capacitor and another one made by the same brand name that was also a larger size - the monitor has worked fine ever since.

If the monitor works fine with the other computer....

- if this is a desktop computer and your monitor is plugged into a video port on a card installed in a slot space, remove the AC power to the case, open up the case (remove the left side panel as seen from the front of the case on a tower case), make sure the video card is all the way down in it's slot, restore AC power, try the computer.
- if that doesn't help, remove the AC power to the case, remove the video card, wipe off it's contacts that plug into the slot, install it again, fasten it to the case at it's metal bracket, plug the monitor into it, restore AC power, try the computer.

If the video card has a fan, make sure that it spins when the computer is running - if it has accumulated dust, lint, etc. , on it , clean off the fan and the heat sink under it, but DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner to do that.
If the video card's fan does not spin when the computer is running, the video chipset on the card may already have been damaged, buy you could try replacing the fan.

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