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Bfg 7800 gs oc -agp no video at boot.

Bfg technologies / Bfgr78256gsoc
December 19, 2010 at 20:57:48
Specs: Windows XP SP3 , P4-3.2HT/ DDR-400
Installed a BFG 7800 GS OC AGP video card in a Dell Dimension 8300 with 3.2 HT, Dell 305w PSU, - 18A rails, 22A max. 12V. Existing card is EVGA 6200 uses same drivers. Bios is A07.
BFG BIos =

Fails to POST but only if the 7800 is installed. Nice breeze and LEDs only.
Symptoms: fan check when plugin. power on -fans on - Dell diag lights end at Y-G-Y-G.
No beep, NO VIDEO. Reinstall the 6200 : "Alert! Previous error at checkpoint [PNP2]
--Removed all PCI cards.
--Additional Dell PSU with single 23A rail just for the video card, 1 hard drive.
--Remove all except 1 RAM stick, the 7800 card and CPU fan. Nothing else.
--Set Bios to Video Controller = Auto instead of AGP with a PCI video card installed.
--Moved motherboard 1/8" to ensure card is not jammed against case.
--Inspected AGP contacts.
--Cleared Bios by removing jumper method and removing battery method.
- With hard drive installed, tried to use Driver Sweeper. Cannot remove ATI drivers without editing i386 folder. ATI drivers included in XP SP2.

Question: If fails to even reach the 'F1 to proceed/F2 to SETUP" screen, then hard drive, drivers do not matter? Is the card incompatible (has PCI-E structure with a PCIE-AGP Bridge chip)?
Has the card expired-deceased?

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December 19, 2010 at 21:57:35
Well your original 305W powersupply isn't up to the task.
With BFG having gone bust there seems to be little residual info such as manuals, drivers etc. Certainly a significant number of similar posts on various forums complaining about "Out-of-the-box" failures when trying to install this card in Dell machines. None seem to list a satisfactory resolution. You obviously obtained the card second-hand. Do you have any recourse to return it?

Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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December 19, 2010 at 22:34:40
About the Dell PSU - I was surprised the sucker puts out 22A total for two rails. Also, from other posts, sometimes the better PSU works, sometimes doesn't. (28A to 40A). Do you think the dedicated 23A @12V connected to just the card and one drive is a good enough test?
I can try a ebay resolution center deal, since it did not arrive matching the perfect condition in the photo. It also is missing the 2nd bracket on the back which presses the Bridge chip against the copper plate below the fan. I knew I left out something in my post.

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January 9, 2011 at 11:22:57
SUCCESS - The very last attempt . if it failed the next step was trying another PC.

Of course immediately installed missing second bracket that holds bridge against cooler. With both e-6200 PCI and BFG 7800 AGP cards installed, and no drives connected and no CMOS battery, still no display.
Rapidly switched VGA monitor from AGP to PCI and back several times,
and FINALLY A DISPLAY - on the AGP 7800.
Into BIOS, but of course no drives to boot to. Live installed CMOS battery: NO DISPLAY. Shut down to remove battery and connect hard drive. Had to repeat above and succeeded.

Later able to boot with battery installed. I believe the crude Dell BIOS setting for video controller is the problem. BIOS needs to stay cleared until card is recognized.
Default BIOS is AGP at 128mb aperature, even with PCI video card installed.

Dell 305w PSU will run this card, even if 7800 video card on same 18A rail as CPU.

Had to uninstall and reinstall the same Nvidia driver set, for 7800 to use the drivers. The 7800 GS using default VGA drivers runs far better than the e-6200 did.

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