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June 22, 2018 at 21:23:55
Specs: Windows 10, 3.0 512
my internet speed is 50MB download speed 10 MB upload speed direct connection showing 50MB download speed but Belkin av500 powerline showing 26MB download speed. how to make download speed up to 50MB download.

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June 22, 2018 at 22:22:49
Power-plugs work the same as WiFi, using radio signals. But instead of using air as medium, it uses electrical wiring as medium.
This article describes some of the pitfalls:

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June 23, 2018 at 02:33:31
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This is a review of the av500:

You’ll note the reviews concludes that the typical transfer rate is below the advertised. There are assorted reasons why this can be so for all brands of homeplug/powerlne adapters.

Briefly, and in no particular order, they include:

condition of house(mains wiring);

condition and age of the mains sockets used - if these are worn or fairly old they may contribute to the attenuation of the signal; i.e. insertion loss may increase meaning signal is attenuated or even occasionally there will be packet loss - which slows down the data transfer.

quality of ethernet cables used between source (router) and destination (computer etc.) and each adapter.

adapters will perform less well if not plugged directly into a mains outlet, i.e. do not use a power bar, multi-plug adapter or cube tap or similar.

Devolo - my preferred brand in the UK (sadly not available in Canada/USA) - recommend that adapters are plugged directly into the mains outlet. I tested their devices variously and found they work best when plugged into mains socket directly. I did find one mains outlet seemed to attenutate the signal somewhat and replaced it; the signal transfer then matched other outlets. Similarly when I tested using one particular power bar none of my adapters would work in it. I replaced the power bar and then all adapters tested therein worked ok, but with some attenutation; and I dumped/scrapped the dubious one.

My isp gives my just under 40Mbps, which my isp provided router transmits (ethernet/wifi) at same Mbps; and my Devolos transmit just under the 40 via ethernet connection. I have a Devolo wifi module too and it delivers near as no matter the same as ethernet.

In the USA my friends have a Netgear router as a remote off their incoming cable and router system. It’s fed from the cable modem kit (in an upstairs office area) via a Netgear powerlne adapter, signal travels over 35yr olde mains wiring, to another Netgear adapter (in the basement) and this connects to/feeds that basement Netfear router (providing both ethernet and wifi). The wifi Mbps is as best I can recall the same as upstairs off the cable modem kit assembly; can’t remember actual Mbps rate but it’s faster than my UK service (I’m not on cable or a full fibre system). It makes no difference which router I use (wifi especially) when there - the Mbps is the same for both main or remote and way and as delivered incoming.

I have known adapters to fail - as in simply die a sudden death... I suspect they can also simply fade away. I have had two Devolo (out of about a dozen or so) fail over a ten or more period; both were of their earlier (blue) 14 or 85Mbps range - now discontinued). Their current (white) range are working fine and perform as spec’d (as did their orignal blue range and those I have still do).

Could be you have a faulty av500; could be one of the reasons I suggest above?

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