Audio Squeal when my mouse is NOT moving

Acer Aspire v3-771g-9809 17.3 windows 8...
June 17, 2013 at 19:24:08
Specs: Windows 8, i7 3632QM / 16gb Ram
There is a feint, but audible squeal in my headphones, (not on the built in speakers) during this scenario: Computer on, mouse not moving, headphones/ear-buds plugged in.
It does not matter whether the ac adapter is plugged or unplugged, or I am talking about the built in touch pad or my razer abyssus mouse being plugged in or not, the sound only goes away if I continuously move the cursor on the screen regardless of input device. It is very annoying, as it is around 14k hertz, and is not even constant. It sounds like super fast more code... with small 2-3 milisecond gaps in the sound wave... and harsh like it is a sine wave. any help would be appreciated. One other thing of note, its volume does NOT change when the system volume does. I can turn off or mute my volume, and it keeps going at the same level. Also, I can crank up my volume till I can't stand it anymore, and it is still playing, at the same level it was originally.

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June 17, 2013 at 22:46:15
It sounds (uh, no pun intended) like some kind of interference. The headphone/earbud cable is acting like an antenna and picking it up that way. Does moving that cable away from the laptop as much as is possible have any affect? If you use the laptop in different areas of the house or office does it do the same thing? Any fluorescent lights nearby?

If possible get a headphone with a better shielded cable or use a shielded extension cable.

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