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Attempting To Boot From Usb Device

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I’m trying to install a copy of Windows 7 i just got in the mail from newegg, to a hp Compaq dv7700 ultra slim desktop. I don’t have Labtop size cd drive for the computer so im using a USB drive (LG super muilti drive). But the computer just stalls at the point were it says “attempting to boot from usb device”. I’ve used all my usb drives and still can get it to boot.

Full Computer Specs

Intel Pentium D
512md RAM
250 GB WD


1 Answer

  1. The USB LG DVD drive must be connected to a USB port that can supply the whole 500ma USB spec max current.
    The same goes for USB connected external drive enclosures.

    If it’s a desktop sized drive, the USB LG DVD drive’s enclosure must be connected to an external power adapter.
    The same goes for USB connected external 3.5″ drive enclosures.

    If the cable you are using to connect the USB LG DVD drive to the USB port did not come with the drive, if it isn’t definately rated for USB 2.0 , it may not be good enough.

    More USB T-shooting info
    See Response 1:…

    USB flash drives are not bootable unless you follow a procedure to add data to them to make them bootable. Copying the contents of a CD that is bootable to a flash drive will not make a USB flash drive bootable.

    The file that makes the Windows CD or DVD bootable is not visible in Windows, unless you use a third party program to reveal that file, and that file won’t make a flash drive bootable.

    If you copy a bootable Windows CD or DVD, you must use “Disk At Once” or similar in the burning program, otherwise the copy will not be bootable. Copying the contents of the bootable CD or DVD that you can see in the burning program will not make the copy bootable.

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