Asus P4B533 MB suddenly takes 5 min to POST T

Asus P4b533 pentium 4 motherboard
January 6, 2010 at 20:37:46
Specs: Windows XP Pro, 2GB
I've had this computer since about 2002. It's an Asus P4B533 MB with an Intel 2.4Ghz processor. 2GB of PC-2700 ram. (2) 512 sticks, (1) 1GB stick. Also (2) CDRW drives, a Seagate Baracuda ST360021A 60GB drive ATA, a Maxtor 6Y250PO 250 GB drive. an Asus video card and a netgear GT 311 1GB NIC card. Nothing fancy, no overclocking. I used it mainly for photoshop and general office work. A while back it started acting up that it would only start up at all about 1 out of 25x randomly. Then I replaced the power supply with a brand new 500W Rosewill. It starts and runs well but many times it will sit there for 5 minutes until it passes post test. I don't know what it is doing because during this time the keyboard doesn't light up and there is no video. Once it passes POST, it boots fast, it's not a drive or software issue, it's a MB level POST test issue. Very occasionally it will start right up, but not often. I have removed and reinstalled every component multiple times. I've tried it with less Ram. Because I got hit with a worm I just installed a Brand New Win XP Pro SP-3 with all upgrades. The boot drive is freshly formatted. Both drives pass all the tests I throw at them. Any Ideas on what could cause this. Could it be something as simple as the KB or Floppy? It's now usable but very frustrating. I know it's time for a new MB but I'm on disability from 4 back surgeries and $$ is scarce. Thanks, Dave

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January 7, 2010 at 06:31:20
Sounds like your BIOS battery may be going bad. They are made to only last for about 7 years. If this happens then your computer will boot and try to rediscover the devices installed because the settings are getting wiped. This will cause your POST to be slow. A good sign that this is the case is if your Clock is getting messed up and has to go out to the internet to update every time you turn your computer on.

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