Solved ASUS N56V keyboard and touchpad lagging and missing chars

Asus N56vz-es71 15.6 windows 7 home prem...
August 23, 2017 at 10:10:27
Specs: Windows 10, Intel Core i5 2.60GHz
I have ASUS N56V notebook and I'm using Windows 10. I had splashed water on my notebook accidentally, but I'm not sure, if it is the reason of my problem.
My keyboard is lagging. When I am typing something, sometimes are some key inputs missed. For example, I press 'n' four times and it writes 'n' only three times. I have the same problem in safe mode also. I didn't tried different operating system but I tried different keyboard through the USB and it worked perfectly. My keyboard on notebook has been also changed but it didnt help.
I'm not sure if It's related, but my touchpad is also periodically lagging.

I don't have battery, so when I left my notebook plugged in for longer time and I put it to sleep mode several times, keyboard runs perfect until I disconect if from electricity.
Do you have any ideas how can I solve my problem? Thank you

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August 23, 2017 at 23:56:47
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Hopefully it was just water - not water containing anything...

More than likely some moisture got inside/underneath the keyboard, and possobly under other switches/buttons on the laptop surface.

Remove the battery; remove any removable panels on the base of the laptop, typically covers to RAM are commonly found, and drives.

If you have a warm airing cupboard put the laptop in there for a day at least, possibly even two or three. The warmth (must not be overly hot in there) will gradually dry our the electronics (motherboard and keyboard etc.). If you can get some silica gel, put laptop in a sutable plastic bag; put silica gel in some large tissuses or wrap in some cotton or similar thin fabric and put that in the bag with the laptop. place in a warm environment and leave for a day at least. Putting the bag with lapop and gel in the airing cupboard again would also be ok.

If no silica gel, use uncooked/raw rice instead. Whichever you use ensure it doues not get inside the laptop for obvious reasons; gel/rice wrapped as above will help prevent that happening..

You may be able to dry out the keyboard etc. by simp,y blowing warm - not hot - air across it usng a hair dryer (lowest setting) and held a slight distance. Again ensure battery is removed and no external power connected whilst using either hair dryer approach or the silica gel, or simply plscing laptop in the airing cupboard or other similarly warm environment. You can blow air gently in through any revealed areas when you remve base panels too. Again when using a warm air gun/hair dryer have it on lowest settings for air flow and temperature and held at a slightbdistance.

You can also wrap the laptop in some thin cottpn etc. cloth when in the airng cupboard. However you need to ensure the lid of the laptop reasonably well open whilst being left to dry out; be that in the airing cupboard, in a warm room, or wherever. so any enclosure (plastic bag or large enough plastic box) when using gel/rice must allow for the lid to be parially - if not fully - open.

It will likely take a coule of days to dry out using gel/rice or just sittng in the airing cupboard. The warm air treatment (hair dryer or similar) will likely reduce that time of course.

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