ASUS Laptop Motherboard BIOS Update problem

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July 30, 2012 at 16:12:43
Specs: Windows 7, Celeron(R) Dual Core CPU / 4 gigs
Okay, so I'm not very tech savvy at all and I'm a damsel in distress in need of someone very good with computers XD (Who can somehow explain this to me in a way I can understand, so, very basically :S)

Right, so I'm gunna give a long description:
My sister got a blue screen on my laptop a while ago and since then it has frozen often while opening the desktop and has often gone black with white writing asking me to "insert boot drive". I didn't know what to do so I just restarted my laptop and it seemed okay.
However, now it has got worse as every time I turn it on, it comes up with an "American Megatrend" screen (as they're the makers of my motherboard). I told my friend this and told him that I thought it was the BIOS needing updating on it so he gave me a USB memory stick with a few BIOS on. I have gone onto the boot options, chosen Easy Flash Boot (or something to that effect), chosen drive E and then the BIOS that works best as when I use this (pressing okay, allowing it to Flash update or whatever and then after it has restarted, pressing F1), it makes my computer work fine, although when I turn it off, it goes back to being how it was and I have to redo the process.
My question is: How can I permenantly fix the problem using the BIOS on the memory stick? In simple terms, if possible, as you can tell I'm not tech savvy :D
My Microsoft Word is having trouble too lately if that is related at all but I do not think it is even though it started at around the same time. If you need details on this I can provide them.

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July 30, 2012 at 17:19:59
1st of all, you should NEVER flash the BIOS unless absolutely necessary.

2nd, "American Megatrend" is NOT the maker of the motherboard, ASUS is the maker of the board. American Megatrend (aka AMI) is the maker of the BIOS used on the ASUS board.

3rd, you can't use just any AMI BIOS, you have to use the one specifically made to work with your board. Can't help you with that without knowing the model/model number of your laptop.

I'm fairly sure the error message was not just "insert boot drive", there had to be more to it than that. That message is the key to your problem. It's probably not a BIOS problem (although it could be), more than likely the hard drive is failing or it somehow became loose inside the laptop. Start by posting the laptop model number so we can verify that you're using the correct BIOS version.

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July 30, 2012 at 17:37:10
"I told my friend this and told him that I thought it was the BIOS needing updating..."

Never attempt updating a BIOS unless absolutely necessary (i.e.--to support a new piece of hardware, etc. that it currently doesn't support).

How old is this machine? Check to see if it may still be under warranty.

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July 31, 2012 at 04:38:10
I think the OS is beyond repair, it is better to start from scratch if the HDD turn out to be okay.

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August 1, 2012 at 12:39:35
Okay... a lot to look at there then :D It looks like my laptop is pretty much well and truly dead huh? And it looks like, from what you have told me, I have only made the matter worse :/
Okay, to Riider, um, my laptop is an ASUS X5DIJ. Ah, I see, AMI make the BIOS, fair enough :S Um, how would I be able to find the correct AMI BIOS for my laptop? However, from what others have said, I may not need it. How would I know if my hard drive was failing or if something is loose? Is there a way to test that? I know, I'm a complete novice and a bit of a fool but I'm incedibly desperate D':
To T-R-A, my laptop is about a year and a half old, so not still under warranty (we got a years warranty with it).
To kuwase - Again, how would I be able to check if it was the hard drive that is failing? And by starting from scratch, do you mean wiping the laptop clean?

Would it do me any good to buy a new motherboard?

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who has already answered, it really, really helps me out so, thanks again :)

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August 1, 2012 at 16:56:44
Your BIOS can be downloaded from Asus' website by finding your exact model (usually Support>Downloads then find your model and look on the list for your BIOS on the list).

I recommend testing your memory before testing the hard drive since a bad memory segment can give you a false reading on your hard drive test as well as other problems. Test your memory with Memtest86 which you download as an ISO image and burn a bootable CD. Then you make sure that your CD/DVD drive is first in your boot order (in your BIOS), then restart the machine (sometimes you need to 'hit any key to boot from CD/DVD') and let memtest run through all tests. Any error is not acceptable. If there is any errors, retest with one stick at a time to find bad one.

To test your hard drive you need to download your hard drive manufacturer's utility from their website (or just use Seatools from Seagate since it is universal) and burn a bootable CD (as above), boot to it and run their Long Test. The utility can repair minor segment problems, but if there are too many or if there is a more serious problem replace it.

If the memory and hard drive tests OK, back up all of your personal files, make sure you have all of your program install disks for programs you added, and begin a Factory Restore. This may be as easy to start as tapping a key or two on start up, but check your manual online for the exact details. This will return your hard drive to the same as it was wen they shipped it out. You will need to redo all Windows updates, reinstall your antivirus program and other programs you added, remove junk programs Asus included that you do not use, set up your personal settings and add back your personal files, just as if it was a brand new computer.

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