Are these components compatible?

February 15, 2010 at 14:27:20
Specs: N/A
I bought a pre-asambled computer from a
computer shop; it's a Myria XdriveV5 with the
following specifications (taken from the
computer box):

MB: Intel G31+ICH7, 2DDR2, LGA 775, PCI-E
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 GHz
(1066 MHz)
MEM: 2 GB DDR2-800 Kingston
MEMO: 2 GB DDR2-800 Kingston (I don't
know why they wrote them separately
because it means the same thing; total: 4 GB
of RAM)
HDD: 500 GB 7200 rpm S-ATA2 16M
OPTIC: DVD-RW LG S-ATA Barebulk Black
SVGA: ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR2 PCI
CARD: Linkworld LCR91 USB 2.0 Black
CASE: C.2228 MiddleTower LPK19-30 460W

Now I want to upgrade to an ATI Radeon HD
5970 (I will think about the manufacturer but it
will probably be a PowerColor with water
cooling). For this video card I need a new
power supply and I think a Nexus RX-8500
850W will be good.
My question is: are these compatible with my
system? Thank you in advance.

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February 15, 2010 at 15:00:48
- CPU is OK.
- motherboard is weak due to the G31/ICH7 combo. Would be much better if it was a G43, G45, P43 or P45 paired up with the ICH10.
- RAM should be underclocked to 333MHz frequency to match the CPU or the CPU should be overclocked to 400MHz frequency (1600MHz FSB) to match the RAM.
- HD4650 is a weak gaming card, but at least it is considered a gaming card. You could have done worse.
- the 460W PSU is garbage but you certainly don't need an 850W PSU. You just need something good. Do NOT base you choice on wattage alone. Wattage is NOT the important spec, amperage is...especially on the +12v rail. You could easily run that system on a decent quality 400-500W PSU. A PSU with a single high amperage +12v rail is generally better than a PSU with multiple +12v rails (12v1, 12v2, 12v3, etc). And look for an efficiency rating of 80% plus.
- water cooling is a waste of money.

Since you seem to know how to upgrade components, why didn't you just build yourself a decent system in the 1st place? rather than buying a pre-built system, then immediately ripping it apart & throwing a couple $100 more into it?

BTW, it looks like this person has the exact same problem as you! lol

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February 15, 2010 at 20:15:45
Jam It's the same person check the screen name.

Why hd 5970? There's no need to buy high end graphic card. What games are u trying to play? Eg. If i have hd4870 and u have hd5970 and we play the same game and u get 120fps, me i get 50fps, u will not notice any improvement even if u got 200fps. Better mention the games u are trying to play so we can recommend something.

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February 16, 2010 at 00:48:12
Not really much point in you getting a 5970. What monitor do you have and what resolution do you use it at?
I suspect that the CPU may possibly bottleneck that graphics card, depending on what resolution you would be using. Go for a 5850 at the very most.

C2D E7200 @ 3.6GHz
XFX 780i SLI
4GB VData @ 810Mhz
BFG GTX285 OC 1GB w/Palit 9800GT OC 1Gb for Physx
Corsair TX850 PSU

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February 16, 2010 at 01:39:01
Cpu isn't a problem.

google c2d q6700 a see for yourself.

hd 5850 is still close to high end. I believe hd 4890 can do the job. I can build a decent system with the price of hd 5970 alone.

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February 16, 2010 at 10:57:04
First of all I'm not very experienced in computer components
yet but I want to learn so sorry if I ask stupid questions

@jam&merryjohnson: I bought the computer pre-asambled
because at that time I didn't have much money and I really
wanted a new computer. I want HD 5970 with water cooling
because that version has a better performance (look at
PowerColor's site).
@jam: First I wanted to buy an HD 5850. That's the reason I
searched for a PSU and I found that an Enermax MODU82+
would be good and I asked some questions on the Enermax
forum. Then I thought that a 5970 will be better for long time
usage and I posted here to find if it is compatible with my
@kuwese: I want to play games like Far Cry 2, Crysis, GTA
IV and the future Crysis 2 and many future games. Don't
worry, I don't buy a new graphics card for Wolfenstein 3D. :P
@intel810: My monitor's maximum resolution is 1920x1080
and I'm playing most of the games in that resolution. It's a
Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO LL 3220T.
@jam: Do you mean that my CPU is bad? As I said I'm not
very experienced yet but a Quad Core isn't good?

For all of you:
1. First I don't think that my computer is bad, so when I
bought it I planned only to upgrade my computer in the future.
2. I want a HD 5xxx because I want it to support DirectX 11
and OpenGL 3.2, but the most important to me is DX11.
2. I want a high end graphics card because I want it to "serve"
me some years rather that changing it from 2 in 2 years. I
mean... look at its specs: 2 GB of video memory, 512-bit etc.

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February 16, 2010 at 14:05:16
Do u know the price of hd 5970 plus good psu? I think the powercolor your talking about cost $829. And i don't understand why u bought socket 775 and u xpect to last that long. Anyway it's your cash do whatever you like.

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February 16, 2010 at 14:33:00
Oh my god... I knew the price but that's the price for the normal
5970 in my country. The prices in my country (Romania) are a
lot higher than the prices in Canada. I will ask for a price in my
country, but if the difference is this big I will buy the normal

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February 16, 2010 at 20:37:49
Normal version still cost $700.

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February 18, 2010 at 07:19:33
But the question is: is the video card compatible with my
And thank you for all suggestions.

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