Another My PC won't boot problem

May 4, 2009 at 22:44:30
Specs: Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, Q6600 oc to 3.0 / 6gb
Hi... Well my problem started about 2 weeks ago when I was playing poker on my PC then it suddenly shuts down by it self. I powered it back up and it wont POST but LED on mobo is lit-up and I can hear the hard drives spinning also all the fans are working and I also hear the mobo sound that it does before it post.
After searching the internet I suspected that it might be a PSU problem. But a week ago I powered the PC back up and it booted fine and everything was running great, until yesterday when I shut it down and the same problem occured.

My PC was running fine for about a year with this specs:
Windows XP Pro
GTX 8800oc
Q6600 oced to 3.2
4GB(4 1gb sticks) GSKILL 4-4-4-12 at around 1.9v ( specs 1.8-2.0v)
320GB IBM Deskstar HDD
2 DVD drives

About 3 months ago I added/changed:
-Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
-Removed 2 sticks ram and replaced with 2 2gb patriot 4-4-4-12 @ 2.0v(spec at 2.0v)
-Added 640GB of WD HDD.

Things I did to try to isolate the problem.
-Replaced memory sticks
-Remove my wireless card
-Remove power to HDD
-Remove my Graphic card ( my mobo give this loud annoying beeps)

My PSU is BGF 1000w, could this be the problem? I read some not so good reviews on this PSU.


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May 5, 2009 at 04:36:38
So you booted up with 2 sticks of the Gskill RAM and two 2 sticks of the patriot RAM ? Are you sure the new RAM is compatible with the Mboard, and what board is it ?
I would try just booting with 2 sticks, first of the old RAM and then of the new RAM. On the PSU, do you have a spare one you could try ?

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