Amilo Charger/Battery melting!!!

Siemens fujitsu / Amilo pi 1536
April 5, 2009 at 07:17:04
Specs: Windows Vista
Hi guys, new to the forum.

My girlfriend owns a Amilo Pi 1536, she's had for about 2years and never had any major issues with it.

But in the recent month or so, theres been quite serious problem. The charger connector (the metal/plastic bit that connects charger and laptop) gets very very hot, touch it and you get slight burnt! The charger tip has had to be changed, the plastic had melted and smelt burnt after awhile. So, the tip's been changed and the the overheating tip is still an issue. And now the tip has melted inside the laptop and cannot be removed, its stuck inside.

The laptop it self seems to be working well and quite hot, but with the norm (I think). Its just the charger connector tip that's the problem.

Any help guys!! Please!!
Could it be the charger not working correctly? The laptops PSU not up to scratch? Bios problem? ... I don't want the laptop to stop working altogether!!

PS. the laptop was bought in Spain, and we're in the UK (if that's a possible problem). Battery life isn't great. Already cleaned the laptop with compressed air and have the fans with good access to air (the laptop is on "stilts").

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April 5, 2009 at 10:35:57
The symptoms indicate a poor connection between the laptop charger jack and the motherboard. When there is a poor connection it causes more current to be drawn, which causes excessive heat.

The laptop needs to go to a shop for repair. Hopefully it will just require a repair of the connector and not need a new motherboard.

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April 5, 2009 at 15:22:45
Actually, the symptoms indicate the wrong charger. The output volts/amps listed on the charger should match the input volts/amps listed on the chassis. These numbers should be identical and if they vary at all then it could be overdriving the laptop.

John W. Borelli
IT Specialist

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April 6, 2009 at 20:04:40
"Actually, the symptoms indicate the wrong charger."
"These numbers should be identical and if they vary at all then it could be overdriving the laptop."

The OP said the laptop is working fine. If it was being overdriven, the laptop would probably not be working right. It looks like if it was the wrong charger, the connector would probably not even fit in the laptop.

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