AMD 64X2 2.4 Gb Asus MVA-2m + 3 gigs DDR2 667

March 31, 2011 at 18:41:42
Specs: Win XP Pro +Win 7, AMD 64 X2 2,4 gighz+4 gigs Dual DDR2 800 , or 3 gigs ddr2 667
I have this Old Asus board , hate it , have lost WD 160 Gb HD , Sapphire HD 3450 PciE Video , RAM tests out at 685 Mhz at PC store. I am Disabled with Neurologic condition , progressive for life, thus broke! Should I just scrap the old Board , Video , Already scrapped the WD 160 GB HD , it died.

I have three gigs of DDR2 667 , and 2 2GB Modules of DDR 800, am thinking of buying new board that will handle remaing good hardware. Any ideas for a RELIABLE board that is available , and , should I buy Win 7 64 Bit , to use the 4 gb's of Dual Channel that I have now, or , stay with Win XP Pro , and hope they lengthen support, or just give up , and Buy Win 7 64 bit?

I already have Win 7 32 bit, VERY UNIMPRESSED ! Plus , the 2 2 gbs of DDR2 Dual Channel are not going to get used right, Both XP PRO AND win 7 32 Bit only see, and "Use" 3.25 GB of the 4 gigs of RAM ! Really need some sound advice here, running out of Cash , and Patience really ! So is my wife. She usues Photoshop 7 (Yeah , I know, again , we are on Disability , thus BROKE !) I use it for research into my disease, e-mail , and Videos. I can't actually build the system anymore, too many tremors, but have an Engineer friend who'll do the work for Me. Please, some good advice , complete with links to Products would Really be appreciated ! Thanks to all. I have been with Tom's Hardware since 1998 , BEFORE the 1 Ghz barrier was broken. My First build was an AMD 950 !
My body just can't handle it anymore. Thanks again , i know it's a lot to ask , but i KNOW there are a lot of us geeks out there that can Really help. Thanks Grumpy7

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March 31, 2011 at 23:03:23
I don't believe the Asus model you posted is a valid model number. That said, if it runs DDR2 it can't be too old. Try posting the correct model number.

Exactly what is it about the Asus board that you hate? Asus usually have lots of features so I don't think you will find something better to your liking.

If you are very unimpressed with Windows 7 32 bit then you will feel the same about the 64 bit version.

Sorry to hear about your condition but it appears to me that it has made you into your user name. What was/is your previous user name here at CN?

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March 31, 2011 at 23:42:27
I would try

for the hardware. As for the OS I would use Win 7 until you can afford to move up to 64 bit. It may not use all of your ram yet but you should still get more out of it then with the 3gigs of 667. They have a board I think you can use for under $50.00 not sure what more you want as far as drive size and video requirements but they should have it.

This board

may fill your needs moatherboard wise. Onboard video and audio but you can add a new video or sound card later. I have never used this brand of mb so I can't really speak to its longevity but the price seemed fair.

You could also try

I see a few on this site buy from them. This board

may work for you there.

I have never done business with tigerdirect so I won't speak to them but I have done a great deal of business with newegg and have always been happy.

Hope I have helped a bit.


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