Solved am gettin three beeps one long two short

June 8, 2012 at 10:04:28
Specs: Windows XP
one long two short and computer boots up and i see nothing but hear it i have a sony vaio all in one computer
model num pcg-281L

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June 8, 2012 at 10:10:50
(He didn't have the make and model of his computer in the first post when I made this post.)

What the error beep pattern indicates varies depending on the brand of the bios version, the particular version of that bios version, and sometimes on what the specific bios version is if it's a brand name system which usually has a brand name system specific bios version.

Tell us the make and model of your brand name system, or if you have a generic desktop system, the make and model of the mboard.

The model, sometimes the make, of a mboard in a generic desktop system is usually printed on the mboard's surface in obvious larger characters, often between the slots.

The specific model of a brand name system is often shown on a label on the outside of the case somewhere, or it can often be determined by going to the brand name's web site and loading a program they have available, if Windows is still working, on the subject computer.

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June 8, 2012 at 10:26:21
model num pcg281L

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June 8, 2012 at 11:26:19
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1 long, 2 short = problems with the graphics card or onboard video

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June 8, 2012 at 13:12:10
Searched using: 1 long two short
in the box top right here:

(Searching using beep code finds 16 "hits" on two pages, 12 of which are for computers. See Products it applies to at the bottom of each page.)

What are the BIOS beep codes for a Sony® computer?

BIOS beep error codes

Beeps Error Message Description

1 long, 2 short Video adapter error Either video adapter is bad or is not seated properly. Also, check to ensure the monitor cable is connected properly.

Your computer probably does not have a removable video card, and if so, the video adapter can't be improperly seated - it's probably defective or has been damaged. .

Apparently your pcg-281L is an All-in-one Desktop computer
= essentially a laptop on steroids that stands upright, with a separate keyboard.

It may have a PCMCIA (PC Card) slot and a ExpressCard slot .

If you have a video adapter plugged into either of those slots, unplug it.

Have you, or is it possible someone else who had access to this computer...
- dropped it, or dropped anything on it, or otherwise exposed it to a physical jolt ?
- spilled liquid on it, or sprayed it with liquid, or exposed it to liquid such as rain ?

Since the video last worked properly all the time, has there been a power failure event that happened while the AC adapter was plugged in ?

Those things are the most frequent reasons something inside the laptop has been damaged.

pcg-281L is NOT your specific model series.

Searching on the Sony site with pcg-281L finds your specific model series, if you bought in the US or Canada, is VGCLT10E, or ....15E, or .....16E, or .....17N, or .....18CE, or ....18E, or .....19U .

How do I find my model number

It's likely the video adapter is built into the mboard and there is no video card that installs in a slot that plugs into the mboard.

In that case, the only way to fix your problem is to replace the mboard.

Sony 1P-0076502-6011 Main Board for PCG-281L

Out of stock.

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