after upgrading my bios my machine is restart

March 15, 2011 at 19:52:50
Specs: windows xp, Intel Celeron
After getting upgrade for my bios and installing it. My machine keeps on restarting without reaching the desktop.

Is there any way where i can do a rollback?

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March 15, 2011 at 20:14:30
"After getting upgrade for my bios and installing it. My machine keeps on restarting without reaching the desktop."

There is a difference between a bios update and a bios upgrade.

A bios update is free - you get it from the mboard manufacturer's web site in the downloads for your specific model, or from the brand name system's web site in the downloads for your specific model, and flash the bios with it yourself.
You MUST use a bios update for the right model.
Some mboard models have several versions or revisions and you must use a bios update for the right one

A bios upgrade is NOT free, you buy it on the web, and it's not available from anywhere else free.
It's either ......
- a replacement bios chip already flashed, you replace your original bios flash chip with it
- or - a specialized bios update - you flash your bios flash chip with it yourself .

In either case it enables every bios feature possible and it supports recognizing all possible cpus your mboard can use

If it's a replacement bios chip it should work fine if you followed the installation directions correctly.

If it's a specialized bios update, you must follow the flashing directions correctly.

Which did you have - a bios update or an actual bios upgrade ??

When you flash the bios yourself, that's the riskiest thing you can do with a computer.
You are taking a big risk when you flash your bios - if the flash fails, and/or the flash chip physically fails while flashing (this is COMMON - these cheap flash chips can only be flashed an unpredictable small number of times), you will have a mboard that will not boot normally..

Did your flash the bios yourself ?

If yes, your bios is probably trashed. There's no way you can fix the problem when it's repeatedly restarting.

You could try re-seating the ram and removing the hard drive(s) but if it still repeatedly restarts you bios is trashed - you can't fix the problem.
In that case, or if the bios chip physically failed while flashing, it must be replaced.
If it's in a socket and removable, you can order a new bios chip already flashed with the latest bios update.
If it's soldered into the mboard only an expert with specialized equipment can replace it, and in most cases you must ship it to him and have him ship it back - that can cost more than buying a used same mboard model on the web, or even a new one.

E.g. If you're in North America, this guy does both services:

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March 16, 2011 at 14:29:13
Thanks for the reply. Its an update to my bios.

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March 16, 2011 at 14:31:31
By the way i think that was the right update because i got it from their site with the exact model number. From where they provide drivers for the specific models

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March 16, 2011 at 15:29:04
There are very good reasons that you are WARNED not to flash your bios if you are not having any problems with your computer.

The flash can fail, more likely if you do it in the operating system on the hard drive rather than if you do it after booting the computer from a disk,
or - the flash chip can physically fail while flashing,
even if you DID use the right bios update, and the right flash utilty if that applies, and did the procedure correctly.

If your computer EVER worked properly with the bios version it had, it makes no sense at all to risk flashing your bios because in that case your problem is not caused by the present bios version.

Usually the only legitimate reasons to flash your bios are so that...
- it will then be able to recognize a CPU type it can't presently recognize that is listed in a CPU support list for the model
- a problem you are having, that is specifically mentioned in the release notes of a newer bios version, will be cured

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