Acer laptop won't turn on

Acer / Aspire 5050
April 20, 2009 at 13:05:53
Specs: Windows 7
I've search a bunch of forums for this, and couldn't find the type of advice I needed.
I have an acer aspire 5050 laptop. It's gone thorugh a number of issues over the two years I've had it, included a malfunctioning battery which I never use anymore (I just plug in my laptop all the time), and I had to re-format a couple months ago and install a demo version of windows 7 cause of a virus related crash.

The adapter plug has been finicky for awhile, and if you bump the laptop or move it while powered on it will sometimes shut off.

Today I was on it, working fine, left it alone for a few minutes, and when I came back it was off and dead. Now when I turn it on I get nothing, no lights, no sound, no heat. I took it to a tech here at school who wasn't much help, but he tried plugging in a different adaptor and that failed to work.

The only thing that makes me think it might have been the adaptor was that on the adaptor pack there is a light that goes green if i plug in JUST the adapter, like without the laptop hooked up to it. Now as soon as I plug the adapter into the laptop, that green light goes off or blinks, and if I remember correctly it used to stay lit up all the time.

Anyone have any ideas on what it could be, or what I can test to figure out if it's a lose part etc?
Any advice would be great, as Ive almost given up and started looking for a new laptop, but the cash flow ain't really there for that.

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April 20, 2009 at 15:08:34
Try finding the exact same adapter to pluginto it if its not that then its possible that the power input on the laptop is physicaly dammaged
I had to resolder a couple due to rough handling

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