acer flatbed scanner 620U

Acer Acerscan 620u 600x1200dpi 36bit usb...
August 26, 2009 at 07:51:53
Specs: Windows XP
I just dusted off my old scanner and hooked it to my pc with widows xt on it. Windows found the new hardware and loaded it (i think). The scanner is turned on and the interior light is on. How do I control it? There is no icon to click to begin a scan.

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August 26, 2009 at 08:14:36
USB devices may not work correctly when they're connected to certain USB ports, e.g. ports in a hub or on the front of a desktop case.
See response 3 in this:

XP may detect it, but you probably need to load the specific software for the model.

If it didn't come with Win 2000 or XP software on the CD that came with it, the web site has the support for Acer scanners that used to be supported by the Acer Peripherals web site (which no longer exists) . Download the software for the same model number - 620U - and install it , the right way, if there's software for 2000 or XP. (The "drivers" software includes related programs as well)

In most cases when you install the software for a USB connected scanner, you DO NOT connect the USB cable from the scanner until AFTER you have installed at least part of the software for it - sometimes the software installation asks you to plug in the scanner, then installs more software or sets some settings, sometimes you plug in the USB cable after you have rebooted after installing the software. The scanner MUST be connected to a USB port it should work properly with when connected to (see the above info) when you are installing the software, otherwise it's likely the software won't install properly or the scanner won't be detected properly by Windows. When you plug in the scanner after that, it MUST be connected to a USB port it should work properly with when connected to, otherwise the scanner or it's software are likely to not work properly.

It is often a BAD idea to load drivers for a device while booting before the software for it has been installed, when Windows detects a device while booting, you have it look for drivers, it doesn't find any or finds only a generic device, then you point it to the location of where you have drivers - in many cases at least some of the software won't work properly or is missing if you do that, and/or the device won't work properly in at least some situations. CANCEL that, let the desktop load, THEN install the software for the device using it's proper installation software package, following the installation directions (sometimes those are within the contents of the software you downloaded, or consult the manual for the device).

If you can't get Win 2000 or XP software for your 620U....

- the scanner scanning light may be on all the time the USB cable for it is connected (you can often limit the time that stays on, or turn it off until you do something that needs to use it in the specific software for it).
- Windows MAY have loaded default TWAIN support for it. In that case, if you have programs that can auto detect you have a scanner, such as Microsoft Office or Word, possibly Wordpad, or OpenOffice (open source freeware) there should be a Scan selection available in at least some of it's features - if you see that, try using it.
- if Windows has not loaded default TWAIN drivers, you MAY be able to get it to do that by using Add Hardware, and manually selecting a similar old scanner model.
- installing some program that uses a scanner, such as an OCR program (e.g. Textbridge) or a speech to text program (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking) MAY find your scanner automatically and provide you with generic support for using it and controlling it.

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