Acer Aspire HD capacity (XP-Pro/SP-3)

July 20, 2012 at 09:48:54
Specs: XP - Pro/SP3, Pentium M (1.73Mghz/1.5Gig RAM)
Thought I'd posted this query already; but not being logged in when I composed/posted it... it didn't appear or whatever for me to post when I did log-on here... So here it is again...

I have an elderly Aspire 1692wlmi and with its bios given as Acer 3A28, 27/07/2005

It arrived (and has worked fine since it arrived) with an 80Gig drive installed (partitioned into 2 x 40Gig). I may have to replace this drive however - signs of possible old age appearing with it...

I would like to increase the capacity to 100-120Gig if possible...

Is it possible to increase the HD capacity on this laptop; or is it limited to original 80Gig (by the bios age perhaps)?

It is currently running XP-Pro with SP-3.

Any advice would be much appreciated; as I would like to keep this beastie running a while longer yet; even though I also have MacBook now (multi-booting with OSX/XP-Pro/Windows-7)

Been a while since I was here; and wonder if any of those I used to discuss/exchange with way back are still around here too?

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July 20, 2012 at 11:45:02
I don't think upgrading the hard drive would be a problem. Just you have to get one with the same connection type as the one currently installed.

You've been helped by a 14 year old.

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July 20, 2012 at 15:45:43
The only possible drive limitation problem kicks in with drives larger than 137gb. Visit for some reading on the issues. I'm not saying your laptop will have this restriction, just that with older hardware this situation can exist. You will of course not be able to buy any brand new drive as small as 120gb so in the second-hand market you may be trading up from one failing drive to another. Caveat Emptor.

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July 20, 2012 at 19:24:05
If the laptop was manufactured in 2005 it should be 48 bit LBA compliant.

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July 21, 2012 at 03:02:42
Hi chaps and takk for input thus far.

Slight typo in my initial hoped for drive capacity; as was/am considering possibly upto 160Gig - not 120Gig.

The 160 seems to be about more easily (allegedly "new" as well) and thus is more attractive than probably a "used" 120Gig?

My query was triggered by a distant memory of reading, somewhere, that M$ had obliged manufacturers to limit HD capacity to 80Gig in the earlier days of laptops with XP installed as shipped. But of course there have been many laptops shipped out with XP installed on drives in excess of 80Gig; so possibly I dun misread/mis-heard re' 80Gig aspect, or it was abandoned very early on?

Will check out actual state of 120 and 160 drives (see if any are actually new/unused) and decide accordingly.

OtH'sr comment re' caveat emptor is of course well applied here.

Again takk (thank you) to all for comments thus far and hi again to at least two "names" from earlier days.

Will keep you posted on final outcome...


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July 21, 2012 at 06:17:40
I believe that you should be fine up to 1TB as long as your machine came with XP sp1, but certainly a 250GB to 500GB drive should not be a problem. As was mentioned, you need to see if your drive was IDE (PATA) or SATA, though I would be surprised if it was not an IDE drive. Here is one that is PATA
Here is a 160GB SATA:

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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July 21, 2012 at 07:08:15
Thank you again for more thought(s)...

An additional (supplementary as they say in Parliament/Congress)... question...

If I was to upgrade HDD speed-wise too?Current drive is 5400, and wondering about going to 7800 (if available in IDE format - which is what this Aspire uses)?

Will current controller handle it; and also heat issues (and no doubt battery drain - although this is generally running on mains-power most (all?) of the time)?

* for "Fingers" - thank you for New Egg link; used to deal with them when they were high street access and later of course when they went to web-only... At present I'm in UK (again) so tending to look closer to here; but not impossible with New Egg as often still in USA and can get one sent over anyway?

Incidentally - haven't thought about going as high as 320Gig etc... but who knows... if it fits and will run OK - maybe worth to consider as an option - regardless of source...?

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July 21, 2012 at 08:20:04
WinXP original was NOT 48 bit LBA compliant. That is why the hard drive had to be smaller than 137GB.

The probable reason for an 80GB hard drive in a 2005 laptop was marketing. The laptop probably came with a small amount o RAM too. 80 GB hard drives were being phased out and were no doubt cheap.

What service pack is included in your Windows CD?

Your laptop has either an Intel 855 or 915 chipset. I believe both should have 48 bit LBA support in SP3. If you don't have SP3 integrated into your CD then use nliteos to slipstream it into the files and then burn an updated CD. Get nlite and SP3 at the links below.

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July 21, 2012 at 09:08:48
Hi again....

I recall it came with 512 Meg Ram which I (and my brother also who had the identical laptop) upgraded to 1.5Gig...

As I said earlier I think there was some pressure too from M$ regarding laptop HDD drives too; they wanted them kept down in size (apart from the 137Gig barrier issue) - but that appeared to be short lived?

re' the 48 bit over 32 bit option... Presuming it is viable on the chip-set in this Aspire... does all the software I have run within that environment? I'm thinking of course of the bog standard Office suite etc. (I have both Office 2000 and Office for XP to hand; currently run XP version of course...) And of course I do have a plethora of other stuff too!. Never having played with 48 bit OS I'm not at all across what one can run and not run within that environment...?

I do have an XP-Pro CD I burnt to include SP3; although for whatever reason I cannot get this one to boot... May have another go and create fresh one - using links you have provided to that end...

Incidentally, having manged to locate and read...the full manual for this laptop I discover it was released with an option for 40, 60, 80, and 100Gig drives... Although most were sold with the 80Gig installed. So likely going up some is size is no issue... - other than 48bit if I feel so moved?

The speed of the replacement drive is the issue I am of course now considering; and would appreciate any thoughts on that aspect... After-which I will likely get me a suitable replacement HDD and install etc...

I do have an almost 2yrs old MacBook Pro (13") nowadays; and that runs OSx and win-7 in mutli-boot (via Parallels). Tend also to consider this Aspire my home-base system more, and the MacBook for when traveling.

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July 21, 2012 at 10:42:33
See the links below. I think SP3 makes your computer 48 bit LBA compliant. The old standard was 28 bit, by the way.

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July 21, 2012 at 15:18:42
mmm - we are going down roads I haven't been before...

48 bit/LBA is new territory for me...

This is the chipset etc. involved...

Chipset: Intel i915PM/GM - Revision 3

Southbridge: Intel 82801FBM (ICH6-M) – Revision 4

A trawl about Intel etc. doesn't tell me anything useful in terms of LBA support...? Or am i looking in wrong place? (Although I note feeling here is that the chipset is 48 bit compliant?

Incidentally I note the current installed version of atap.sys is: 5.1.2600.5512 which seems to later(?) than the one M$ suggest needs to be present?

This as per:

from within one of the links OtH posted...

I have feeling this is viable overall - going to a larger (160Gig or more) HDD...; just being more than a little cautious..., since as I say, "I ain't neva bin down this road before..."

I have emailed Acer support too to see what they can ("may"...) provide in terms of support re ' 48 bit/LBA info... Have to say not holding my breath for their reply..., as by many accounts they are not know for speedy responses...?

Muchum learning curve just now...


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July 21, 2012 at 15:43:25
The 915 chipset DOES support 48 bit LBA. You should be able to use any IDE ATA 2.5" hard drive. Your current drive most likely has a carrier, which you will need to reuse. If there is a jumper on the current drive then set the new drive up the same way. You need to read the label, not just put it on the pins in the same location.

Windows XP may have issues with very large (2TB) drives. You probably won't find any IDE ATA 2.5"drives that large anyway.

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July 21, 2012 at 15:44:50

Just ran the Intel identify my chipset util...

Gives the following info:


Detected chipset: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS/PM Express Chipset Family

Chipset Components

Memory Controller: Mobile 82915GM/GMS/PM

I/O Controller: Failed to idnetify your ICH

Integrated Graphics: This chipset does not contain integrated graphics

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July 21, 2012 at 16:10:10
OtH - thank you for info confirming LBA compliancy..

Will take a chance I suspect and go for a 160Gig (at least); possibly push even a little larger...?

The other issue I am querying is the speed of drive; current one is 5400 and there appear to be some (laptop/2.5) IDE drives that are 7200? Is it likely that going for faster will cause problems - thinking of heat and battery drain (although this beastie is generally mains-powered most of the time)? And is it likely to be much value/benefit going up to higher speed; as this system isn't used for games etc... (apart from Solitaire etc...); or is it not worth the candle and may as well stay with 5400?

Amazon-UK lists a vendor based in Germany, that has 160Gig drives; and there is an outfit in Sweden too similarly... Am awaiting reply (email) from Sweden, and will contact Germany too re' drive availability etc...

Somehow I can't see me going anywhere near a 2TBdrive size in this antique...; but at least 160Gig - maybe even 320Gig as a maximum... Would allow me some dual/multi-boot space if I felt so inclined...

Bed time; long day tomorrow - rebuilding/modifying an airing cupboard... following installation of new hot water tank etc...


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July 21, 2012 at 17:39:38
You are correct about heat and power. 5400RPM are standard for notebook/laptops. You could use a 7200RPM but I don't think you will detect any overall performance improvement.

Are you aware of LIVE versions of Linux that don't need to be installed?

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July 21, 2012 at 17:58:11
The maximum ram supported is 2gb (2 x1gb)
The maximum hdd is 160gb.

This "laptop" is not a laptop, it is a Notebook. There are limitations to a Notebook.

Your CD/DVD drive is CD-rom + DVD-RW

The Notebook will not recognise any hdd over 160gb.

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July 21, 2012 at 20:32:53
eddie, if you have a source for the above information your should post it.

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July 22, 2012 at 01:52:58
mmm... "eddie"

Acer sold this Aspire (and continue to sell this series) as a laptop. And all the major makes, and some not so major, also sold/sell similar items - described as a laptop (although those with a smaller screen were occasionally described as notebooks...)

The above links seems to describe what is, and thus differentiate between, the laptop, notebook, netbook...

I would say this is a laptop; it does have a 15+ ins screen...

The CD/DVD is dreaded Mats---a slot loading combination burner; will also burn/run DL discs. I refer to it as dreaded as it cannot be hacked or tweaked to be multi-region; nor will it work with AnyDVD - the usual workaround for region issues...

Maximum RAM is - as you say - 2Gig and currently has 1.5Gig installed.

As regards the 160Gig limit you suggest... Even a 160Gig is clearly more than 137Gig...; thus it seems illogical that a unit (bios etc.) that can handle 160Gig would not be able to handle larger sized (providing physical dimensions are OK). A 160Gig drive requires LBA support (as clearly advised/confirmed by OtH, M$, and other sources), and thus if that support is present for/in this 1692wlmi, then it will logically allow in excess of 160Gig?

If you can/will post your source(s) it would be very instructional, of benefit to all of us here, and much appreciated; not the least me (and I suspect OtH)?

I am awaiting some info nonetheless from Intel, Acer, and two drive sources as well. Although I suspect that OtH has already confirmed what is viable etc.?

Worst-case would be presumably that if I installed a 160Gig drive and the LBA option wasn't viable, then I'd only be able to use 137Gig (and lose the rest)? And similarly if it would not allow in excess of 160Gig then again I would lose the area above 160Gig? Or is that to to even see upto 137Gig on a drive that is a capacity in excess of 137Gig there needs to be LBA support?

Incidentally I noted (when previewing this message prior to posting) that this site now invokes some form of censorship etc... Type in Mats---a and these letters "...hit..." are blocked...???

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July 22, 2012 at 04:05:48
Hi again:

In fairness to "eddie" above...

Dug out the original Acer delivery package (idiot's brief "get you started" kit etc...) and Acer refer to the 1690 (and presumably others of the time previous as "notebooks"... Oddly they still do on their current sites... Equally... they are sold by outfits who include Laptop in their trade name or goods sold descriptors...; and many a review refers to them a laptops.

As the two links I posted above suggest... nowadays anything 14ins and over is considered a laptop - and even the 13ins MacBook series is regarded as a laptop too... (The Acer Aspire 1680/1690 etc. and current series come with a 15ins wide screen display; and it's a good one too.)

Anything under 14ins is nowadays referred to/described as a netbook - and usually/typically has no CD/DVD burner built-in (again excluding the MacBook in all respects); and sometimes is rather restricted in terms of HD (disk or solid slab) storage capacity... Mind you Apple also sell a "lightweight" version of the MacBook (13ins display) with a solid state HD and "no CD/DVD burner".

Historical note: In '98 Compaq's first "portable laptop style unit (very base-model sold for about US$2800/$3000 in SLC area when I was living there a while) was sold as a "laptop"... It replaced their previous lunch-box style unit... Have to say I was tempted at the time; but didn't have the funds really to spare... And if one looks at its specs. and price compared to today's... nuff sed...

So laptop or notebook... Guess we're into semantics here.. Am I driving an estate car, a station wagon, a ranch wagon, a 3 or 5 door hatchback, or an SUV (mini or full size)? And how to enlarge its storage/carrying capacity as/when; drop the (rear) seats, remove them entirely; re-arrange them somewhat?

But I would appreciate clarification (sources etc.) re' the 160Gig drive limit "eddie" posts...?


I will likely stay with the 5400 version; since as you confirm performance benefits are not likely great - but heat/battery may be an issue... And many a laptop has overcooked even with a 5400 etc. and less than adequate cooling. In fairness re' the Acer, it does have adequate/good cooling overall - even if it does run a wee bit warm...

Am familiar with assorted Linux variants too; have played with Ubuntu a little and have it and Debian on CDs... At least they allow access to a duff installation - as does my trusty ERD from now defunct Winternals. (M$ took Winternals over and the ERD disappeared into the hidden realms of specialist support via M$... I don't think one can get the current ERD, if one still exists, from M$ the way one could from Winternals? Last version for "public" access was upto/for XP...)


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July 22, 2012 at 04:48:10

In regard to #15 above, it is possible the BIOS could somehow be limited in respect to drive capacity as mentioned in #2 above. That said, the Intel 915 series chipset supports large drives. Actually supports SATA drives, should the motherboard maker choose that route. I think the only reason for the smaller ATA drive was to keep cost down.

Your problem is finding 2.5" IDE ATA drives that are name brand and new. SATA has gone through 3 versions already. IDE hard drives are about obsolete.

On another note, you can try downloading MS stuff from the link below.

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July 22, 2012 at 09:32:50
mmm - I note that the bios is identified (various utils this end; including one I think I have from Acer support) as Acer 3A28, 27/07/2005 (see my earlier post re' bios ident.).

Knowing that in the past manufacturers have on occasion tweaked bios to their own design/specs; and also been leaned on by M$ in this regard too (limiting OS software installation to a specific product etc. from a given manufacturer...), it may well be that Acer have tweaked bios to limit HDD to a specific maximum...

Having raised question or two with Acer support (and had at least an acknowledgment that it will be answered in 24hrs.) it will be interesting to see what they say? Though as that email/call went out on Saturday, likely it will be Monday at earliest before they respond more fully?

Will check out latest link from OtH too - for which again takk...

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July 22, 2012 at 19:40:18

Look at the link below. Add for 250GB for your model with 100% compatibility guarantee.

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July 23, 2012 at 03:00:49
mmm... very interesting list of possible drives... - will contact comptick via the all electric telephone (allowing of course for humungous time differences...) and see if they can/will ship to UK...

The Swedish source offers a 100Gig drive for a price that is noticeably more than the above source wants for a larger drive... But again does say it is OK for the Aspire series...

Options seem to be about...

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July 23, 2012 at 12:53:44
The point I was making is that if that vendor guarantees large capacity drives to work, that should reassure you. You don't need to buy from them.

The only specs are as follows IDE ATA, 2.5", 9.5MM high (standard). There are thinner hard drives and thicker ones that are designed for external use.

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July 23, 2012 at 13:49:50
true... re' vendor... At a price like that (even after shipping and VAT/sales-tax added on when it arrives in the UK_- there is no duty payable on this item as it would be under the threshold for that...) it's a steal?

Sweden is asking for a little more for a somewhat smaller drive... And they also say their drives are OK for the Aspire 1690 series (amongst others).

Haven't hear anything yet from German source; not anything useful re' drive sizes etc. from Acer... This in-spite of their email saying I would receive a response/answer etc. in 24hrs... But who knows - maybe tomorrow (Tuesday)?

I am waiting for a reply (email and phone call) from the USA source; if only to see what they can do in terms of shipping... As I have a Utah address too I can always have it shipped there and then forwarded to my UK address.

Familiar with assorted drive parameters (physical sizes etc.) overall as used to build and repair a few system in the past... Worst case is of course the drive won't be happy in my Aspire; but can always be used in an external/portable housing as portable storage (yet another for the collection...).

Will keep you posted on progress...

Incidentally OtH - where is you located - UK or USA?

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July 23, 2012 at 14:20:04
Just had a reply from Acer UK... They say the max HDD is 100Gig; have naturally queried back re' larger sizes and vendor guarantees...

Also asked if their "lower" limit was due either to a bios tweak by Acer..., or (as suggested in earlier post here...) more marketing ploy, or all that was available at the time of introduction of this 1690 series?

They also say (naturally of course) that they would not support any issues developed as consequence of going over the 100Gig level...

Below is an extract from their reply:

Regarding your query, we would like to inform you, the maximum hard drive supported by your unit is 100 GB.

Acer would not support any additional hardware added by you nor support any compatibility issues/software conflicts arising from this configuration.

Presumably "this configuration" in their reply is referring to anything with an HDD over 100Gig...?

More anon in due course...

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July 23, 2012 at 14:54:17
Try Googling for this issue. I did and found many folks claiming they installed larger hard drives successfully. I understand your hesitancy. I also found a thread that stated at least one model of Western Digital 160GB IDE hard drive has a limiting jumper to set the drive for 137GB, which is the cap for 28 bit LBA.

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July 23, 2012 at 14:56:40
Hi, I assume that you have partitioned your drive to keep data on it. Have you thought about a usb drive for data storage, then you can extend you main partition?

A thank you would be nice, if I have helped.

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July 23, 2012 at 15:08:57
OtH - thanks for the last one... Will do a little more googling to see how others fared (A relatively new verb - to google; as opposed to goggle - view the (ne eyed monster/box in the corner of the room...)

Presumably the WD drive with the 137Gig jumper allowed said jumper to removed?


Acer delivered these Aspires with 2 x 40gig partitions... Data security is OK as have a QNAPS SAN system and also a spare 500Gig USB drive too (latter for really important stuff as second line safety...) Mind you the QNAPS is a RAID-O 2 x 1Tb system too... so again lots of secure storage...

For general use the space on original spec'd drive is fine; but as I likely will be wise to renew the HDD... seems logical to increase it somewhat?

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July 24, 2012 at 13:17:10
An update...

Taken the chance and ordered this one:

Shipping is peanuts - comes untracked but insured; so I'm covered regardless if it fails to arrive OK. Ought to be with me in 6-10 business days...

30 days to be happy or return it etc...

They say they sell a lot of these... This model is WD...

They mentioned that one or two folks have had problems with 250 drives; possibly they not being tech savvy enuff to know how to install it - format etc... if over 137Gig (and maybe remove the jumper that may be present by WD to restrict to 137Gig)?

Still "we" will see what etc.. transpires when it arrives...

Did a (google) trawl using various strings and couldn't find nary a one that actually discussed in any detail upgrading an Aspire 1690 series to a larger drive... Although there are brief references here/there to a larger drive... So couldn't find any hits as per OtH found re' large(r) drives - successfully or otherwise......

More anon...

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July 24, 2012 at 13:34:55
Click on this link.

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July 24, 2012 at 14:43:36
OtH - that's weird... "Exactly" the same string I used... and browsed many of the hits... but perhaps not all of them...

Regardless... I had to cancel the order from above source as it turned out they only have the SATA drives...; they stopped selling IDE/ATA a little while back (hadn't fully updated their web-site...) My Aspire is ATA/ATAPI (IDE) connector...

Still I have found another source in California:

and they can get one on a 2-3 day back-order... Also offering the 160gig for immediate mail out to UK (3days airmail...)

Also in (via google) there is a German source with similar drive for about same price overall...; and in stock. May go there as closer to UK (obviously), and no customs/sales tax add-on when it gets here...

I'm musing the 160 over the 320 - approx half the price; same cost for shipping...

Is it worth to go broke and get the 320 or is the 160 likely more than adequate... mmm

Decisions, decision... Will decide overnight and order in...

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July 24, 2012 at 17:38:30
It seems to have a maximum capacity of only 80gb and maximum ram of only 512mb.

This is certainly an older style Notebook.

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July 25, 2012 at 01:45:40
Hi Eddie:

Agree it's quite elderly - but a good model and works well...; although as I say I suspect the HDD is showing its age. Was pitched (quite successfully I suggest) as a replacement for a standard desktop...

The spec you link to was the standard base config it would come with. It does accept RAM to 2Gig - mine has 1.5Gig installed currently... The idiot's guide too confirms 2Gig RAM capability.

Acer themselves advise they will support a system with a 100Gig drive; and effectively imply that over that limit - one is on one's own re' any problems (software/other hardware related ) one may have - if going over that 100Gig. Their comments to me (essence posted above) also seem to indicate/confirm they regard any issues (software or hardware) as outside warranty support, if system is not as spec.'d and delivered...

As this Aspire is well outside it warranty (1 year - could be/was extended to 3 years as I recall)warranty support is done and gone anyway.

There s enough evidence "out there" to suggest it will handle certainly to 160Gig HDD; and more than a little too for even larger... Some of the vendors I have viewed clearly suggest/state the 1692 will work with a larger drive; and offer a guarantee to this effect?

I am likely to go for the 320 - bought via Amazon UK; dealer/vendor is based in Germany and means I don't have to pay customs duty/sales tax surcharge when it arrives. Anything from outside the dreaded EU has to pay sales tax - based on the total value of the package (included postage charged...!), and also duty - if over £135. Prices in USA are very similar to the German quote, and also to a Swedish source (although the latter is possibly slightly higher).

Incidentally current 15ins notebooks/laptops have more or less similar specs. - allowing for more current processors, and obviously come with larger/faster drives? I also have a 13" Macbook Pro which I bought for its slightly (much better?) portability; and also wanted to get across the Mac OS; while also running a windows OS on it as well... It does it rather well.

Will update results of my efforts once I have received and installed etc. the
new/larger drive. This is likely not for a week or so at least - away on filial duties for a few days...


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August 4, 2012 at 14:55:12
A sort of update...

Now have a 320Gig HD (WD3200BEVE - Scorpio Blue) - via a supplier in Germany - via Amazon. Arrived within a day or so of ordering!

Configured/formatted it with decent primary and two logical-drives...

Will set about a) cloning current original HD; and if all well... then may let things lie briefly; or b) if things still not quite as I'd like will likely build a new installation etc... Which I may decide to do anyway straight off - as long as I can find all registration details etc. for a few utils I have installed; AnyDVD being the critical one...

Will update with final outcome shortly (I hope)...

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August 20, 2012 at 02:51:32
Hi pholks...

An update - finally...

Installed Western Digital 320gig drive. Setup configured it to have just a decent Primary sized (ntfs); and later used XP Admin/drive manager util to configure balance into two logical drives - also ntfs...

Major problem was finding all the Acer drivers; chipset and a few other items too... Biggest headache was finding correct drivers for Wlan adapter... Acer supports sites (there are a few versions of it around the globe) do offer al the downloads; just have to determine "which" are applicable for the laptop one has...It appears that some of them have slightly different kit installed when it comes to network adapters...; even if laptop is member of a given series (e.g. 1690 "straight" through to 1692wlmiMD ???)

Wlan was initially showing as not present/working (and it wasn't/didn't). Device manager showed Network Controller (and also the pca-modem - which later found drivers for) as yellow ??? marks.... I would not have thought the Network Controller was referring to a Wlan item - but one lives 'n learns... A lot of trawling to find what that Network Controller referred to; but not much out there - nonetheless enough... Downloaded the Intel Pro drive package (from Acer USA) and installed it and is well... This Intel package has a couple of exe files and one has to use the correct one; otherwise it says wrong OS etc....!!! But as I say perseverance "paid orf" and all yellow ???marks now banished...

Will ultimately burn all drivers to CD and keep safe..

Finding a composite download for all the M$-updates for XP would be nice... Haven't managed to so far... ,and logically there are more than a few since SP-3 arrived?

Still as OtH correctly indicated... the beastie will handle larger than 100Gig HD. Gold Star there!

Now have to install all the other stuff (Office and so on) one uses...

Incidentally I had an SP-3slipstreamed disk I made a while back; cannot get it to boot a system though... But as I planned to configure drive into Primary/Extended partitions XP setup was more than able to do what was needed to get up and running - basics at least. After-which configured balance of drive as above (Admin/Drive config.)

Incidentally I had no end of problems trying to clone original HD to new one - using Acronis. It would fail at some point well into the C; partition cloning...; and never got as far as the D: partition. The hidden PQ partition at the head of drive (for Acer recovery options) went over fine...

More anon - hopefully a final update as it were...

Meanwhile thank you again to all here for inputs various...

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August 22, 2012 at 08:46:18
"Final" update...?

Drive installed OK - as just above; and XP-Pro/sp3 installed afresh. Using an OEM disk which is what was installed over the Acer supplied Home (OEM) version on previous HD (in effect an upgrade from Home to Pro at that time). No problems re-activating it either; although did make a routine phone call to check with M$-land prior to (re-)installing that OEM-CD; and "they confirmed it would be OK - and so dun it on-line a day or so back...

One oddity with Outlook (2002 in this case).. Tried various methods to export pop account settings (for yahoo and bt-mail) used via outlook 2002. There are viable workarounds to do this - even posted after a fashion in M$-technet and/or similar sites; they involve using Outloook Express a s a conduit... For whatever/why... I couldn't get them to work. Possibly I didn't approach initial copy/backup of the respective iaf files properly (which I feel is likely so). Nonetheless I did get accounts set up again in new installation; but could not get test email (sent from Outlook account settings) to work at all. Yet emails go in and out fine regardless... It may be an issue with using SkyUser smtp to send emails from bt/yahoo accounts; and this "may" upset the Outlook test routine?

If you are in UK and familiar with Sky -dsl service you will know that Sky no-longer allows third-party (i.e bt, yahoo etc.) smtp server access via Outlook/Sky dsl... One gets around this by joining the SkyUser group/forum (it's free) and then one can set up an account to use an smtp server "that group" operates - and that works pretty darn good (barring any possible technical glitches common to all IT systems). That smtp server becomes the one you use for all your pop-3 mail accounts (at least when using Outlook).

Still thus far all is running nicely - he said fingers crossed; and currently rebuilding assorted items as per previous HD.

So again thank you to all for ideas, thoughts, encouragement, voices in the ear, input various etc... And if per chance anyone else comes across this post (whichever trawl/search routine they use...) at least they will find confirmation that one "can" install a significantly larger capacity HD into the Acer Aspire 1690 series...; provided the bios is at least 2005 dated... And presumably this will apply to other Acer kit (bios date caveat as immediately above) and likely most other makes too?


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