Solved Acer Aspire E15 Will Not Load Pass Acer Logo

December 8, 2015 at 05:36:44
Specs: Acer Aspire e15
I have been lately having a few issues with my computer for a few months now fever since updating to Windows 10. Once or twice a month the computer would restart and come back up with a blue screen with something like "watch_dog_violation" or "systems graphic card crashed". Sometimes I would get the floating wings appear on the screen that would state Adobe had randomly crashed.

Yesterday I used my laptop twice, once in the morning and again around 6:00pm and around 7:00pm I sat my back pack with my computer in a chair and as I walked away it slid and fell to the floor.

Didn't think too much of it until I wanted to check an assignment and the computer started up and stay at the Acer Logo with the loading circle. After about 15 minutes it went to a black screen and the cursor with me able to move it around. After a few more minutes of that I powered the laptop back down by holding down the power key. I went through that process probably 4 or 5 times before looking for solutions on the web. I tried repeatedly pressing the space bar, alt + f10, and f8 and that's gotten me to "preparing automatic repair" which turns to "diagnosing pc" and then a blue screen with saying "computer didn't shut down correctly" or "pc did not start up properly" and various options such as doing another pc troubshoot, the command prompt, system restore, factory reset, startup options, and just continue and go to Windows 10. I accidentally pressed system image restore and a window quickly popped up stating that the computer didn't have one set up. I've pressed the continue to Windows 10 and the screen looks like it's about to fade out and continue then freezes.

I tried restarting the pc with deleting apps but keeping personal files, and restarting the pc with deleting apps and personal files and both have just gotten stuck at a blank blue screen. Finally talked myself into doing a factory reset and it improved to a blank blue screen with a cursor appearing but not moving and I have now run out of ideas/solutions.

I would really appreciate some help, please!

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December 8, 2015 at 06:47:20
first and foremost - its a hardware mess. u just made it fall on the floor! some components *might* have damaged. (i m no hardware geek so sorry)
the second thing, i saw loads of forums complaining about every bit of windows 10. display, unsupported hardware, even unsupported mp3s! ive never personally tried anything past win7, but i think u should revert back to windows 8. if u have the boot disk, and its accessible by your PC (considering its condition after the plane crash), format your system drive and reinstall 8.
hope this helps. if its really a hardware mess, local repairer/retailer is the only option. there is no way any geek would exactly determine the damage of portion/equipment/chip whatever.

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December 8, 2015 at 14:31:01
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Try this way.

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