Able to put PC Tower on its side?

Micro-star international / Ms-7302
February 15, 2011 at 17:12:39
Specs: Windows 7 - 64 BIT, i5 760 / GSKILL 4G 1333Mhz
I don;t have a full sized ATX tower so it is a little crammed in there there is a spot on the bottom of my case where air can go out but is covered when i stand my tower up straight, so my question is would it be safe to put my tower on its side to get better ventilation, i heard that some people say to check your MOBO Manuel to see if it says if you shouldn't do this or not, this is just a temp fix as next pay i will be buying a few things including a new case fan to hopefully decrease the temp by 5-10 degrees.

When i play games for 1-2hours the GPU temp can reach 70-72 Celsius I've seen so far ( guessing because that bottom part of the case is blocked on the floor and that's where the hot air from my GTX 460 needs to escape)

And when i do Prime 95 for like 15m on the torture test i seen a max of like 73 Celsius and that's on an i5 760 which is still a little high even for the stock heat-sink.

I also hear that sometimes its good to set it on it's side because heat raises up so its like a natural cooler, PS i have a Gigabyte H55 USB3.


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February 15, 2011 at 17:50:28
"When i play games for 1-2hours the GPU temp can reach 70-72 Celsius"

For a GPU under load, that's really not that bad. Most GPUs can handle up 100C+. I think you're worried about a problem that doesn't exist. Just make sure the cables inside the case are out of the way so that they don't obstruct airflow. For cooling fans, all you really need is one exhaust fan in the back. The power supply (hopefully it's mounted on the top) also helps to exhaust air from the case. Side panels fans are disruptive & should not be used. Front intake fans are optional. Test have shown they are of little benefit. Check this article, it's a bit old, but it still holds true.

As for laying the case on it's side - it won't hurt to run the system that way, but there's no guarantee it will run any cooler. The tower design is used because warm air rises, then the exhaust fans near the top of the case blow the hot air out the back & at the same time, create a negative pressure within the case which causes fresh air to be sucked in thru the front. BTW, leaving the side panel off generally renders the case fans useless. They need a closed case to do their job.

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