a few hard drive questions

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April 11, 2009 at 15:23:35
Specs: Vista 64, Q6600, 4GB
I am wondering: with a 640 GB hard drive, how much free space should one make sure is available to ensure optimum performance?

Another thing, I read with modern hard drives there is no reason to assign separate drives for system or separate tasks, but I often do a number of things at once, running various applications, downloading, etc., and all are accessing this hard drive.

I have been running my new system since January, and while at first it was very snappy, it has very noticeably slowed down over time, and seems much less responsive to me now.
Could this be HD related? Is it really the case that multiple things going on on the same drive won't slow me down? And is my slowdown overtime just to be attributed to Windows?

Thanks for your feedback.

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April 11, 2009 at 15:41:45
IMO, a drive that size should be partitioned into multiple partitions. WinXP will not run defrag with less than 15% free space.

To answer your question, you have files scattered all over the drive. That is bound to take some time to search through 640GB. IMO your boot partiton shouldn't be more than about 30GB. Look at the link below for help with partitioning strategies.

BTW, what are you doing for backups?


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