880g vs 990xa for phenom II

March 2, 2012 at 05:48:41
Specs: Linux x86_64), phenII/16gb

i got a gigabyte 880g usb3 am3 socket motherboard
a 1090t amd phenom II in it
gskill sniper 16 gb 1600 @ 1333 mhz

i was thinking of buying a 990x am3+ mobo not only to replace my current mobo but for future piledriver chips as amd claims 2nd and 3rd generation piledriver and steamroller respectively shall be supported by this socket natively-- well maybe as far as i know.

i wont be giving away my current mobo as it is a real workhorse and will give it to my sis with the 1090t (who is currently using an pentium x2 e6600 with 8gb ddr3 and amd 5450) once piledriver comes out.

Also read that the new unreleased amd northbridge nb1090 isnt something radical but rather a minor upgrade with 8 sata 3 and more usb 3 ports.

Now my question is shall i buy the gigabyte 990XA-ud3 which has 6 sata3 and 32 gb ddr3 support unlike mine which doesnt OR should i wait till something appropriate comes out that is piledriver specific....

Now my real quest is whether i will benefit in anyway even if i upgrade my current mobo from 880gm to 990xa....meaning whether transactions and performance is better than the 880 mobo(northbridge and southbridge).....

thank you

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March 2, 2012 at 10:09:48
I don't see a reason for any upgrades.
Wait for new AMD chips to come out and see the perfomance for yourself.

Do u have a video card?
What applications do u run or intend to run?

Are u aware of PCIe 3.0? the gigabyte board listed doesn't support new PCIe. The new hd 7000 series support PCIe 3.0 just give software developers few years and u will see PCIe 3.0 in action.

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March 2, 2012 at 10:26:12
I don't see a reason for any upgrades. I agree with kuwese. Unless you're using some wild software, you're not even using the full potential of what you have now. The latest and greatest isn't always the best, or needed for the average user.

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March 2, 2012 at 20:41:54
i am aware of pcie3.0
Also the unreleased 1090 chipset from amd does not support pcie3.
there still isnt much benefit from pcie3 also considering that pcie2.0 is barely utilised to its full potential.
There is significant difference between 800 against the 900 series chipsets as shown on youtube ncix tech tips by linus.
I still doubt any significant performance benefit from future chipsets as they will totally focus on ssd , hdd and memory performance which may be a hit.
Im not an average user-- huge video encoding, kernel compilations and effective python programming on linux .. all on linux, have something like 60 apps open with opera for videos with 40-50 tabs, chrome with 20 tabs, virtual machines (4) running windows for thin clients located throughout the house. full memory 16gb in use.
Anyways i know what you guys are saying is correct and curiosity killed the cat and im that cat.

still the price for the motherboard is a bit tempting @ $160. But thou shall not succumb to temptation.
Thought if id buy the board now and wait till piledriver comes out i shall save a significant amount on the whole cost....
Me thinks its a good thing to wait till piledriver arrives........

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March 3, 2012 at 06:23:38
Here is Media Espresso 6.5 takes some advantage of PCIe 3.0

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