8700K issue? Very rarely WHEA-LOGGER 19

March 26, 2018 at 05:03:30
Specs: Windows 10
I just noticed a whea warning in my event log stating a hardware error was corrected and it was reported by a cpu core. the error type was a cache hierarchy error. i know OCing can cause some of these whea errors, and it seems most people just ignore them, but im just wondering if this one is anything to worry about. my processor is overclocked, but i can pass numerous stress tests and games for hours, without any issues or errors in the even log. i think the pc my have even been idle at the time this was reported , or i was gaming . But again usually there are no errors regardless of what the pc is doing.
anyway, i was just wondering if anyone had some info on this error since googling it comes up with a bunch of different whea errors and no real explanation other than ocing can cause them.

Computer is:
8700K stock, MTE on, 4700mhz auto clock
Asus Z370 Pro Gaming
16GB DDR 3000MHZ ( XMP ON)
Gtx 1080 Ti Aorus
Corsair 750 Rmi
SSD Crucial 525GB
Windows 10 clean install 1709 Creator Fall Update ( 16299.15 build october 2017 ,before meltdown/spectre patch )
All settings in UEFI are stock,defaulted . Only XMP profile is on.




I havent seen any affects that might be caused from this like BSODS or freezing. All stable. Intel diagnostic tool passing. Memtest86 no errors. IHC memtest no errors. Either way should i be concerned of that error or its false positive?

I had this errors in 21 january 2018 too. Then they stopped until 16 march 2018.

I was using Windows 10 build 16299.15 ( october 2017 release build before meltdown/spectre).

And of course pc was idling ,the same. That warnings just coming from nowhere out of the blue and its very rarely,like once for about 2 months.

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March 26, 2018 at 06:46:23
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