4GB RAM- No Boot after shutdown.

December 16, 2014 at 18:41:39
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Core 2 Quad@2.4Ghz/4GB
Okay, so a few days ago I find that one of my Corsair Dominator GT is toast. So, I pull both sticks and popped in a 4GB stick. (533mhz) My BIOS supports memory re-mapping.

That 4GB stick worked just fine, I even hooked a fan over it to cool it. I shut down my PC last night, came home today and booted up and NOTHING. Just fan noise, no POST, no beep. Nothin. So, in desperation I popped in the last surviving 2GB stick.

Is the 4GB bad? Or am I missing something? DO I need to pull the CMOS battery and then re-try the 4GB stick? Cuz damn, Y'all 2GB jeesh!

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December 16, 2014 at 19:05:44
Best try the easy thing first. Often RAM sticks (even new ones) have oxide on their edge connectors which is virtually impossible to see. Clean the edge connectors with a soft pencil eraser then pop the stick in and out a few times to ensure the socket is clear too.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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December 17, 2014 at 05:43:26
"one of my Corsair Dominator GT is toast."

How did you determine that? Did you run memtest & find errors or are you just guessing? The fact that several different sticks aren't working is more of a sign that something else is wrong rather than the RAM itself.

"I even hooked a fan over it to cool it"

RAM generally doesn't need cooling, especially if it's not overclocked. Even the fancy heatsinks & fins attached to so-called "performance" RAM are more for show than anything else. You didn't supply any system specs or which CPU you have but since you listed 2.4GHz, I'll guess it's a Q6600 which runs at 1066MHz FSB (266MHz frequency). The proper RAM speed is either 533MHz DDR (266MHz freq) or 1066MHz DDR (533MHz freq). Any other RAM speed is less than optimal.

"DO I need to pull the CMOS battery and then re-try the 4GB stick?"

Pulling the battery is not necessary to reset the BIOS, there's a jumper onboard specifically for that purpose. Make sure to unplug the power cord 1st or the BIOS won't clear. After the reset, boot directly into the BIOS & correct the date/time & all the other settings that have reverted to their defaults. Default settings are never best performance settings. Make sure the RAM settings are correct - speed, timings, & especially voltage.

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December 23, 2014 at 20:39:30
@riider Yeah, I ran a Memtest which indicated hardware errors. I removed the bad stick and booted using only the other 2GB and saw no operational errors. The stick is most certainly bad.

@Derek Good idea, hadn't thought of using an eraser. I'll do this anyway because it just seems like good sense to keep the contacts clean.

Here is the situation now.

I have 6GB running. (Dominator GT 2GB underclocked to 533mhz) with 4GB 533mhz. System runs without a hitch. Better than before really.

The problem occurs after shutdown.

When I try to restart the PC only the fans run. The keyboard doesn't initiate. Hard-drive light comes on stays on (no flickering) then goes off. Fans continue to run, no BIOS POST or beep. No video signal.

So, to get the system to boot. I have to remove the 4GB stick. Deactivate memory re-mapping. I put stick back in, boot works fine. Then I have to re-enable memory re-mapping. I have to do this while the system is running because (even with just the 2GB stick) when I enable or disable memory re-mapping the system shuts down.

Any ideas?

"The world is a vampire and I am the throat upon which it feeds..." - S.T. Gill

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