3-Year-old Custom-built PC keeps restarting

Intel / Dg965ry
August 10, 2010 at 14:07:33
Specs: Windows XP Pro
Computer was built 3 years ago using an Intel DG965RY motherboard, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, Seagate hard drive, Pentium D processor. It is running Windows XP Pro. About 6 months ago, the power supply was not working right, switched it out. This is a friends computer. He said that it was running slow so he went to do a defrag and it locked up in the middle of it. He turned it off and now the computer will not come back on. There are no beeps and it shuts down and restarts after about 3 seconds.

Power supply seemed to be losing power intermittently so I swapped it out for a 450 watt (unsure of brand) new power supply I had. The same problem happens. I disconnected hard drive, CD player, and memory and tried to start. I got 3 beeps showing no memory. I put 1 memory stick back in and it wouldn't start. I put the other memory stick back in and it started but gave 4 beeps (timer not operational). I put that memory in a new slot and it started okay, went to screen that said the memory was reduced. It loaded Windows, then it went into a defrag and shut down after a few minutes.

Now I can't get it to make any beeps. It sometimes will run for a few minutes (nothing displayed) but then other times it keeps restarting after 3 seconds or the CPU fan runs at various speeds. The green light stays on the motherboard but no beeps. I let it cool down for a short time and it gives me 4 beeps again. Intel code says 4 beeps is timer not operational. Does that sound like the motherboard is bad? Any further diagnosis tips would be appreciated. I am pretty good with software but a little more limited on hardware issues. I can build a computer but don't know much about diagnosing problems.

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September 24, 2010 at 20:36:59
I have the same board. Had some warning from intel hardware monitor about low 3v voltage on my power supply. I replaced it with a newer coolmax 700w powersupply and experienced the same problem you described. Had to go back to my old power supply and everything worked as before with the exception of the low 3v warning. I recall experiencing the same problem with another power supply. It seem DG965RY is picky with the power supply it uses.

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