3D systems for movies?

July 19, 2010 at 12:17:49
Specs: Windows 7
Looking to find out if there are any systems that will do 3D gaming (shutter glasses) and will support the new 3D BluRay???

If not, any specks on what one would need to set up a system?

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July 19, 2010 at 13:25:05
I believe the only video card line that can handle 3D Blu-Ray and gaming and handle them well is the GeForce GTX 400. The older GTX 200 cards can also do 3D BD and games, but at the expense of CPU usage (3D BD) and frame rate (unless you have two GTX 200s in SLI or turn down the game settings).

ATI may introduce 3D support later on. The hardware supports it--HD 5700+ cards are equipped with the dual-stream AVC decoders necessary for 3D Blu-Ray, but software support just isn't there yet.

So, you need:
-a GeForce GTX 460/465/470/480 video card,
-a 120Hz LCD
-nVidia 3D Vision glasses (which cost a small fortune)
-a quad-core CPU to keep minimum frame rates up--frame rate is very important in the world of 3D
-PowerDVD 10 Ultra
-Eyes and a brain that can handle 3D for more than 20 minutes before going totally numb.

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July 20, 2010 at 06:26:31
Thanks jackbomb, I should have given a little more info.

I have used NVIDIA cards for a long time now. I currently have eDimensional glasses and the old ASUS 3D wireless glasses (that no longer work). Ihave spent many, many hours playing games wearing the glasses. For me, there was nothing like being able to play Half-Life and actually be able to judge distance to a target.

Now I am looking to expand the experience and I am probably on the "bleeding edge" as 3D movies have just started coming out.

Thank you for the info on the PowerDVD 10 Ultra. I was unsure if there was a drive for a PC that included 3D playback. Now I know.

I know that I need twice the normal vertical refresh rate (showing my age) or 120Hz. Now I just need to find the "best".

I am capable of putting together my own desktop, but it is a pain in the rear getting all the components together then assembling them. I am hoping to find a reputable site where I can configure a computer online with all the components we have discussed for a "reasonable" price.

Thank you again for the response.

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