130GB on XP - Require SATA

January 19, 2009 at 15:53:06
Specs: Windows XP, 1.80 GHz / 2 GB
I just downgraded from Vista Home to XP Pro.
I have only 130GB of 250 GB of my harddrive as my C Drive (NTFS). How to I expand it to include the rest of my Harddrive?
(Question #2) - In order for me to install XP Pro from Vista I had to change my BIOS SATA Operation to Raid Auto Detect / ATA from Raid Only. I have downloaded/installed Service Pack 2 - and I can't automatically see my entire harddrive, and I am still on Raid auto detect. Can or should I change to Raid Only on my SATA Operation in order to see the benfits of Raid Only SATA?

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January 19, 2009 at 16:09:41
Your install CD evidently doesn't include any service packs.

To get the benefits of the SATA drive you MAY need to install SATA drivers during the installation of WinXP.

You have a couple of options. To access the remainder of your hard drive space go to Disk Management. You should see the remainder as unallocated, now that you have SP2 installed.

If you want to have the entire space as one partition, which I don't recommend, then you will either need to partition and format the unallocated space and then use a partitioning software to merge the partitions.

OR, you could slipstream the service packs and the SATA drivers into your CD files using nlite.

I don't know what BIOS settings options you have. If you have AHCI then you would use that to get the full potential of your SATA drive. If you don't have the option for AHCI then one of the RAID settings may be necessary. I think that right now you are running in a IDE compatibility mode.

Read the first couple of paragraphs in the link below. Should be helpful as you are probably using an Intel based MBoard.


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January 22, 2009 at 07:56:39
OtheHill - Thanks for the reply. I have investigated NLite and am trying to burn an XP with Service Pack 2 and my video drivers as an image utilizing NLite. I'm really not to well versed on the technology of my motherboard and RAID drivers and I still really need to study more to understand what AHCI or RAID capabilities I should have. In all, I have 1 250GB drive, and yes I did have to change my BIOS to run in IDE compatible mode. Even with one drive (+ an external USB Hard drive)should I have the SATA capabilities with XP? I assume I should just download the SATA driver from the Dell website (From XP PRO) then slipstream it into my XP PRO/Service Pack 2 installation CD. Although should I change the BIOS back to RAID ON (on DELL's BIOS) then boot from the new Slipstreamed CD ?

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January 25, 2009 at 13:20:38
There are a couple of issues. First off, if you slopstream SP3 you won't need to worry about SATA drivers as they should be included.

If ACHI is available in the BIOS then use that.

Did you manage to slipstream using nLite?

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January 25, 2009 at 17:16:04
Yes I was finally able to slipstream (slopstream) XP with Service Pack 2 with Nlite. Awesome product!
I also Slipstreamed Service pack 2 with my Sata drivers and video drivers on a seperate DVD. I used this DVD to reformat my PC. My PC now is up and running on XP service pack 2. I didn't read down the entire list of what Service Pack 3 would bring to me. Although, I wonder now if it worth to download from the microsoft website. I've been trying to read more up on its drawbacks/positive effects.

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January 25, 2009 at 17:54:37
BTW, going from Vista to XP is actually an upgrade, not a downgrade.

Assume that I already did an Internet search.

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